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    Venomoth line, Pidgeot line from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Particularly enjoy when an artist commits to doing a full line of the Poke. Consistency is v pleasing and looks good in a binder
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    Koffing, Weezing from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Shibuzoh once again showing why they're one of the best modern artists in the game rn Also love seeing this kind of Ability being reprinted
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    Farfetch’d from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    This card's p solid in sealed format ...and that's about it
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    “Paldea Evolved” English Prerelease Promos Revealed!

    I thought Akira Egawa contributed to some of the pack art as well? Specifically Chilling Reign? Nonetheless yeah they stay winning
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    Standard Newbie here - need advice

    Hi Leo! I don't need to echo a lot off Charmaster's thoughts but they raise a great point in mentioning Gym Leader Challenge (GLC). It's a format that's gained popularity to the point where they hold Side Events at officially sanctioned tournaments which is pretty sick. If you're looking for...
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    Next League Battle Deck to Feature Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR!

    They've printed the Palkia and Dialga Premium Collections so the cards aren't completely inaccessible. Can't hate on preconstructed decks of objectively good cards tho
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    Help To start the new year, I need help with a Gardevoir ex deck...

    What kind of Supporters are you playing? This may shed some light on how much draw power you still need in your deck.
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    Pokemon Pokemon Chess Sets

    They could come up with chessboards for each generation of Pokémon, which I think would be cool! For Johto, I could see Ho-Oh and Lugia being opposing Kings for starters. I'd also be up for Wooper pawns haha
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    Alt. Format Lost Wave (Radiant Greninja / Cramorant / Manaphy / Sableye / Comfey / Zamazenta)

    Hi there, good to see you're still building decks and trying out new ideas! I like the idea of pinging stuff with Greninja early and leaning into the Zamazenta later on in the game. I think you could free some space up and try other ideas by cutting a Balloon (or both) for something like the...
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    “Eevee Evolutions Premium Collection” from GameStop Revealed!

    I'm so happy I get to save my money
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    Help How to play against Mew Genesect with a Rapid Strike Malamar?

    Generally speaking, Mew has difficulties with Darkness-type Pokémon and a combination of hand disruption and Ability lock, like Marnie or Roxanne + Path to the Peak. If they draw out of the lock then God bless em but usually that's the route players will take to win against Mew.
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    Entei and Articuno from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    Articuno could be cool for something like Gym Leader Challenge and that's about it. I'm not sure if this is better than the Ancient Trait one, but auto-Paralyzing is pretty strong.
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    New “Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection” in September!

    I am all for increasing access and improving affordability to the PTCG. They're making excellent moves and I'm here for it.
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    More “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    how did no one tag me on this I’m livid Ho-Oh is such a sick card and he looks amazing but no one is surprised bc it’s Egawa
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    Winners Announced for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    Very happy to see Xous make it as far as he did. I remember the days when half of this forum had his artwork as an avatar. Congratulations!
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    Tyranitar Line from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Alright glad it's universally understood that we're all throwing Golden Razzes at Larvitar we find out there
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    Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Twin/DTE + Dark Patch gets you there with the Raticate, but may be inconsistent to pull off. It'd be sick if you could. Galarian Slowbro V is this guy's most natural partner undoubtedly. I'm just glad GO is coming out w fun cards and options builders can mess around with.
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    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    With 150 HP to boot...this thing is annoying. Not looking forward to seeing what control pilots do with our lazy boy
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    Expanded Tinachomp Donk

    Would a 1-1 Arceus VSTAR help piece the combo together or be too fringe and inconsistent to try out in the event you end up going first? Like you don't have to draw pass, but you can certainly find an Arceus V so that the following turn you can go into VSTAR and find two cards for free.
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    Collecting Rarity, Value, and Print Runs of 1st Edition Japanese Pokémon cards

    Hey there! E4 is a forum for PTCG collectors that have a wealth of knowledge that I'm sure would be able to help. I can't contribute much, but I've gone to E4 for most of my collecting-based questions and I've learned a lot. I don't think there is specific data out there that quantifies exactly...