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    Happy New Year!! (The annual Holiday Changing thread!)

    RE: Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year! Yea! It's officialy 08! Well... back to school right? XP Yea family is everything! Enjoy it while you can.:P Anyone watch that guy break the record of longest motorcyle jump? (oops, forgot I was on my older bros account, woops. XD This is bonsly1994...
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    Guilty Gear XX

    I've played it for psp and ps2, but I would rent the game b4 buying it, its is a much more complecated fighter in comparison to SF
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    Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    thats pretty unfair, seeing as how that is a console game, and this is a handeld. which part are you stuck on?
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    Finished Rate the sig & avatar above you.

    9/10 love the palkia 8/10 ur really good at those lol
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    The new May vs. misty vs.dawn.(no flaming you ruend my last thread)

    I think Misty is my favorite since Im old schol, but dawn couldprobaly give her a run for her money.... dawn dosn't even stand a chance, fire v water.....o.O
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    Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    go search a walthrough on IGN or GameFaqs, and usually there are hints on what to do, like tablets that hint at things, or spirits that will tell you what thy did wrong.
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    Guitar hero III

    the Demo is on X-box live and mst likely at Best buy (not sure though i played it atGame Crazy) the music list can be found on IGN most likely and yes it iscoming out for PS2,3, and 360
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    STORY FOR OLDER THAN 16 (under 16 and read, no crying)

    this is not a fanfic, this is a story that I am in the process of getting published, it is a horror story, if u are easily manipulated don't read, if u report this post have the balls to tell me youre the one who reported, here it is. (only the first 2 chapters) 1 The A period bell rings...
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    Guitar hero III

    guitar hero 3 demo now out, extremely fun and I love the HUD layout, the new Gibson Les Paul contoller (for 360) is long overdue and the music set is friggin awesome.... now will it be able to survive "Rockband" opinions?
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    Tell jokes any make sure its funny!!!!

    RE: Tell jokes any make sure its funny!! Q:what did the blonde say when she saw cheerios? A:Oh look donut seeds! Q:so a baby seal walks into a club.....(this ones for the older kids lol) thats all I got that isn't rated R or racist = D
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    Gears of war or Halo 3

    gears 2 isn't expected for at least another 2 years, with a taste coming at E3 '08
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    I don't know whatu mean by "dart thing" but if u wanna see a good action show without blood and beatings, watch outlaw star, or any of the gundams, or Big-O (tv edit), or excel saga (action and comedy..... ok mostly comedy) or any other anime that isn't main stream in america and hasn't been...
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    Halo 3

    are u saying that they were made by the same company? what? i knw ur being sarcastic but what the hell is "gears:halo" ?
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    ummmmm sorry but i thought the anime was juvenile and lacked any comedy and/or story line..... sorry.... and btw I will agree with u, naruto the AMERICAN adapt, sux, but if u watch the japanese origional and read the manga, it is much better and alot more serious.... alot less filler too
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    What is the story in the game bioshock

    does that mean you've played the gme and youdon't get it, r you want to bu the game but want to kno whats going on b4 u get it?
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    XBOX 360 or PS3

    k PS3 is my preference, but it won't become a major contender for the king of the consoles spot for a while, scince it dosn't have any ground breaking games coming out for at least another two months, XBOX 360 howver already has it sline up of "blockbusters and is leading the way in amount of...
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    Halo 3

    its ok, its exactly liike the other ones and the solo player kind of stole from Gears by making it co-op.... ok they didn't "steal" it, rather they jumped on the band waon so it kind of annoyed me. The new weaons and equipment are cool, but it feels more like CS than halo now.
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    Made A Card

    needs some work but its a good start
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    Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game didn't stink. I was afraid that making another wind waker would end in tears. the things I loved most about this game were the ability to write on the map, which saved my butt a lot, and the smoothness throughout, everything from fighting, to...