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    Large Pokemon Factory Theft Comes to Light, But Probably Didn’t Impact Fans

    You know what I think would be a really cool job benefit to those who work at these factories actually making this hobby happen is a free master set for each expansion. Might deter some of the theft as well. Let's be real here, these workers provide a vital function for the hobby and while...
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Complete Set Guide: English Cards, Set List, Products, Changes, and More!

    Kinda sad seeing the set symbols gone. Was far more interesting than some code especially since I'd use the set symbol on the spine of my custom binders I'd make for the sets.
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Fun Packs Already in Stores: New Reverse Holo Pattern Revealed!

    Honestly I'd rather they just do away with reverse holo all together. A nightmare from a collector's standpoint since they are rarely ever taken care of and don't typically enjoy the same "pack to sleeve" treatment full art cards generally do in spite of the fact these things scratch way too...
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    ‘Crown Zenith’ is the Final Set for PTCGO

    Kinda not happy about HGSS being lost in the transition. It would be preferable if they simply included the entire catalog from base set for those of us who play with friends and like the old school cards. Plus easy enough to tag them as invalid cards for any sort of "official" play.
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    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    Lookin' forward to being UNABLE to buy this anywhere near it's MSRP.
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    Pokemon TCG Sold Record 9.1 Billion Cards in 2021!

    Of course. First, you got YouTubers who overhyped the game by focusing so much on dollar value of "ultra rare" pulls. Then you got those who came back for the nostalgia factor but given the state of the game for the past 3 years alone since Hidden Fates and the hardcore scalping began... yeah...
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    The Pokemon Company International to Buy Millennium Print Group

    Either way, Pokemon cards printed in the US have some very serious quality issues compared to ones printed in Japan. That's my only real concern here.
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    Logan Paul Sets Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Pokemon Card Purchase Ever

    Thing is this started well before the pandemic. Particular with Hidden Fates. The pandemic merely compounded an existing problem so yeah Logan Paul and Leonhart share much of the blame for this given their videos almost always focus on the dollar value of cards and not much else.
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    Jumbo Charizard VSTAR and Mewtwo Promo for “Brilliant Stars” Store Promotions!

    I like them. Just means they aren't for you is all. No big deal.
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    Jumbo Charizard VSTAR and Mewtwo Promo for “Brilliant Stars” Store Promotions!

    Eh. They're the same ones from the set itself minus the fancy logo. Nothing more.
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    Pikachu Illustrator Sells for Record $900,000, Now Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever Sold!

    Sure is interesting how in this economy people have that kind of money to blow on something as non-essential as a Pokemon card.
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    American Version of “Arceus V Figure Collection” Revealed!

    I think the inclusion of the Cosmic Eclipse pack will make it something that's scalped. Already the case with the KnockOut packs.
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    Pokemon Announces Record-Breaking Sales in Europe During 2021 for Pokemon TCG and Toys

    I think it's more people are just in it for the money at this point. Too many are focused on dollar value of the cards/sealed product.
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    Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million ‘Base Set’ Case May Be Fake: Pokemon Community Uncovers Significant Evidence

    Honestly, screw him. He is very much a significant part of the reason there's so many scalpers/flippers here making product scarce and absurdly expensive on not just older stuff but even stuff JUST released cuz all these sort do is show off $$$. I have no kind words for people like him.
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    ‘Build & Battle Boxes’ Are Changing for ‘Brilliant Stars!’

    Sad. I was hoping they'd nix the idea of a random promo from a set of 4. As a collector it's actually pretty annoying. Oh well.
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    Contents of Amazon’s ‘Celebrations Prime Collection’ Confirmed!

    I mean what's the point? Lol I can't even find the other two things outside of scalper pricing; including at the local card shop which has for some time now been pricing at scalper levels.
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    Some ‘Celebrations’ Products Delayed Until Unknown Date

    Yeah that super premium collection is one I had my eye on for sure but my local LCS was doing pre-orders at Amazon pricing for $399. Then again they're scalping Pokemon hardcore while their Warhammer and MTG are their usual MSRP or below. The PC-exclusive ETB honestly I don't get why they...
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    Some ‘Celebrations’ Products Delayed Until Unknown Date

    For me I just hate not knowing if I'll actually be able to get these at MSRP at all even if it winds up being months later. I'm genuinely fed up with scalpers to the point that I'm okay with criminalizing the act and throwing them in prison for a good long time. These dingbats have been screwing...
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    Gamestop ‘Celebrations’ Promotion: Jumbo Snorlax VMAX and Binders!

    Yeah.... if they have any product to buy. That's the real problem here.
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    Three Upcoming Premium Collections Are Exclusive to Certain Stores

    As though it's not hard enough to get these things as is. It's like TCPi is enabling the scalper market at this point with nonsense like store exclusives at a time where every store is having a hard time keeping anything in stock, let alone anything good.