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  1. JumpluffTCG

    Pokemon Worlds 2023 in Yokohama, Japan!

    It’s not in Spain because of gambling laws
  2. JumpluffTCG

    Radiant Tsareena from “Incandescent Arcana!”

    If the opportunity cost of not using Radiant Greninja didn’t exist, this would be a pretty decent card. Dunno what spread decks even exist right now where this matters against but you can put this down, heal 20, Scoop Up Net, put it down and heal another 20, and that’s pretty interesting.
  3. JumpluffTCG

    Binacle, Barbaracle from ‘Lost Abyss’!

    I’m curious to see how this interacts with Jirachi Prism Star. [Edit] My guess is that Jirachi Prism’s ability still works, because it states, “before you put it in your hand,” while Barbaracle is, “instead of your hand.” If Jirachi Prism heads for the bench, Barbaracle doesn’t say “instead of...
  4. JumpluffTCG

    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    Did I somehow offend you by telling a personal anecdote relating to why I don’t mind CG Art on cards as someone who’s made Pokémon a major part of their lives for two decades? Imagine we were buds and after I talk about my childhood, your immediate response is “let’s break down the FALLACIES...
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    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    I was an art kid in elementary school, and back then I thought CG renders were the coolest things because it was something I couldn’t draw. I know they’re cheaper and relatively easy to make as an adult but I still have a bit of a soft spot for them tbh. Also regular art Vs are bulk-adjacent...
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    “Pokemon GO” TCG Set Fully Revealed!

    Radiant Zard is so strong it makes me wonder a little if they actually play tested it beforehand. Raihan + Twin + Magma Basin lets it swing as early as 5 prizes (a little unrealistic in standard.) Raihan + Twin Energy lets it swing at 4 prize cards. Raihan/Magma Basin + any energy at 3, and it...
  7. JumpluffTCG

    New 'Cosmic Eclipse' Print Run Next Year, In Line with Japan

    There are a ton of chase cards in this set and I'm happy to see the set to momentarily be a little more affordable
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    Ball Guy from S4a "Shiny Volt Tackle" Revealed!

    In Expanded, Ball Guy's a pretty easy way to search 2 Level Balls + Quick Ball and find Jirachi Prism, Mr. Mime, and Oranguru. If your deck opts for Jirachi EX for Scoop Up Net synergy, Level Ball is a pretty legitimate option.
  9. JumpluffTCG

    'Shiny Star V' Announced for November, Plus Blastoise and Venusaur VMAX!

    Amazing Death has to be the funniest attack name since God Damn Punch Incineroar
  10. JumpluffTCG

    'Alter Genesis,' 'High Class Pack 2019' Sets Announced for Japan!

    I’ve just accepted that I don’t get to keep cards in hand this season.
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    Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!

    ReshiRom is insane for a lot of reasons. Seems like you could very easily build a deck with 4/4 Lillie/Welder, 4/4 Acro Bike/Order Pad, and stuff like Rainbow Brush, Mysterious Treasure, Fiery Flint, etc. Insane card, most likely going to be a top tier threat when the set comes out because you...
  12. JumpluffTCG

    PokeBeach’s June 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Sorry to be a letdown but I'm dropping LOL ReshiZard is tier 4 See y'all
  13. JumpluffTCG

    PokeBeach’s June 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    ReshiZard is tier 4. Don't play this deck
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    Discussion Pokémon Search and Card-Draw Engine (Post-Rotation)

    Optimal engines will depend on the deck, but I will say that Acro Bike is significantly better than Judge Whistle. Running 4 Judge Whistles with a couple of Judges thrown in there is cute, but Judge Whistle is just so underwhelming and I'd rather use Reset Stamp for hand disruption than Judge.
  15. JumpluffTCG

    Help How to beat stall?

    You could also just 2HKO your own Marshadow with Shadow Impact to both prevent cards like Counter Catcher or Lt. Surge and also to be able to reuse Let Loose with Rescue Stretcher.
  16. JumpluffTCG

    Discussion Jirachi in the new meta

    I appreciate this post and your side on this topic, so don't take this in a personal way. But I disagree. :P I'm also someone who believes Jirachi is sort of infuriating to play with even in this format. Like you Stellar Wish into Escape Board so you retreat to another Jirachi and find a...
  17. JumpluffTCG

    PokeBeach’s May 2019 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    T4 @JumpluffTCG wins 2-1 vs @Jswoop22 Sorry that all three games were admittedly a little rough. Whoever went first seemed to just run off with the momentum. Thanks for the quick turnaround in terms of scheduling our match after it was asked about.
  18. JumpluffTCG

    Standard ZoroGren

    Is it worth keeping the single copy of Judge + 2 Judge Whistles when you could be playing Reset Stamp + 2 Acro Bikes? I've been testing a lot of decks using combinations of Judge Whistle/Order Pad/Acro Bike and Judge Whistle is easily the worst of the three. Also like you said, Jirachi is...
  19. JumpluffTCG

    Discussion Post Rotation Engines

    I am personally going to be doing a lot of testing with Acro Bike + Order Pad (Cherish Ball & Dedenne GX) + Lillie. I want my decks to be as fast as possible.
  20. JumpluffTCG

    Help How to beat stall?

    What's really helped me is actually playing Stall myself. Stall can be hard to wrap your head around, especially without any experience playing it yourself. By playing the deck I've come to know what Stall wants out of each matchup, which allows you to play better vs. it when the time comes.