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  1. breadvox

    “Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

    I really actually like the transparency effect outside of the art, it makes the "reaching out of the card" effect of EXs more effective imo
  2. breadvox

    All “Lost Abyss” Secret Rares Revealed!

    these alt arts are GORGEOUS so far omg. i hope they arent too expensive, i'd love to get my hands on some of them!!
  3. breadvox

    All 100 “Lost Abyss” Cards Fully Revealed!

    the drapion cards are surprisingly beautiful
  4. breadvox

    “Pokemon GO” TCG Set Fully Revealed!

    i know i'm alone in this opinion but i actually like the stamps lol
  5. breadvox

    Kanto Trio, Radiant Kanto Trio, and More from ‘Pokemon GO’ Revealed!

    really hoping that radiant charizard won't make this set impossible to find lol
  6. breadvox

    Pikachu, Ivysaur from ‘Pokemon Go’

    cant wait to see pikachu with that hat in pgo!
  7. breadvox

    Top 300 Entries Revealed for 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest!

    these are all so gorgeous!! it would be impossible for me to narrow it down further lol
  8. breadvox

    “Pokemon GO” TCG Product Lineup Revealed!

    as an avid go player im literally more excited for this set than i was for celebrations...
  9. breadvox

    ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Set to Release in June!

    ive been waiting for them to make a pgo set!! here's hoping for a prof willow fullart
  10. breadvox

    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Officially Revealed, Will Contain Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    the art on the Vstar cards reminds me a lot of lv.X! looking forward to this set, hopefully the pull rates wont be too bad...
  11. breadvox

    All ’25th Anniversary Collection’ Cards Revealed for Japan! (Promos Too!)

    i wish our set was ordered like theirs )': i might organize mine like this instead lol