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    “Obsidian Flames” Officially Revealed, First Products from the Set!

    Dragonite looks Tera to me and not normal. May want to edit that
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    Victreebel Line, Tangela from ‘Pokemon Card 151!’

    I wonder how many ARs and SARs will be in this set. Tangela is the 14th AR card here yet the 22nd grass/bug type in the pokedex. Be interesting to see what order special art cards are in. Type or Pokédex number. Though Japanese usually save their big secret rare lists till XMas
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    “Obsidian Flames,” August’s English Set!

    Our Pokemon 151 set is our special set this year. SV 3.5
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    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Officially Revealed, Kadabra Returns to the TCG!

    Seeing as we are getting a Mew ex Ultra Premium Collection I’d say you were right.
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    Gold Arceus VSTAR, Dialga VSTAR, Darkrai VSTAR, and Melony from “VSTAR Universe!”

    159 Palkia 160 dialga 161 ?? 162 arceus Giratina fits as a dragon type between metal and colourless l
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    “Crown Zenith” Special Set and Products Officially Revealed!

    Shiny Charizard VStar. Of course they had to put a chase zard in the set 😆 “Shining VStars”. That’s an intentional play of words
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    “Silver Tempest” English Set List, Final Trainer Gallery, and More!

    I’m more hyped for Crown Zenith in January. Have enjoyed the trainers gallery though. Great introduction to main sets
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    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    Deoxys and leafeon are getting one. I wouldn’t rule it out. One of my friends loves darkrai and is hoping the same. I think it will get one based on deoxys and leafeon VStar getting one
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    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    Our subset is 70 cards. I reckon Japan will have 75-80
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    “VSTAR Universe” Set Officially Revealed, Features New Art Rares!

    Did all reprint V and VMaxes in VMax climax get character arts? Looking like we getting new arceus, Palkia, Dialga and Giratina alt arts and new mew alt arts if that’s the case
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    Rayquaza VMAX from “Silver Tempest” Trainer Gallery Revealed!

    I can see that. Even Japan don’t like them
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    Rayquaza VMAX from “Silver Tempest” Trainer Gallery Revealed!

    The trend from the last 2 generations have been regular stuff for the first half (full arts and rainbows) with a special basic rarity (prism star, amazing rare etc. then last half cranking it up with some special stuff like alt arts, character rares. It’s going to be jarring going from 12-15...
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    Special SWSH Set Releases in January!

    Aren’t sets not printed months in advance. Like our special set is what’s now on the print run. More so having watched the “how cards are made video” the set list is one of the first things that’s done way before printing. So a set list could be done 4,5,6 months in advance. Interesting that...
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    Regidrago VSTAR, Regieleki VMAX, Omastar V, and More from ‘Paradigm Trigger!’

    I hope Unown gets one personally. Imagine an alt card with all the unowns on it
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    “Paradigm Trigger” Set Featuring Lugia VSTAR Officially Revealed!

    New doesn’t sell. Rebel Clash, Battle Styles etc. Look what does sell - Evolving Skies, Brilliant Stars. See a pattern a here?
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    Pikachu Promo Preorder Bonus Revealed for “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!”

    Can see something similar to the figure collection we got when sword and shield cane out
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    All “Incandescent Arcana” Secret Rares Revealed!

    Ho-oh may get an alt art in VStar Universe
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    “Silver Tempest” Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box, Radiant Alakazam, and More Set Details!

    Looks like Lugia will have the V, VStar, Full Art, Alt Art, Rainbow and Gold cards. That a lot of Lugia and I want them all