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  1. Hukutus

    Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, Blastoise ex, and More Revealed from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Erika’s Invitation is a very interesting effect, but not really playable without an ability that allows you too see your opponent's hand like Greninja V-UNION.
  2. Hukutus

    “Pokemon Card 151” Set List Mostly Revealed!

    Hoping for something cool for GLC
  3. Hukutus

    Glimmora, Glimmet from ‘Snow Hazard’!

    Very good for GLC
  4. Hukutus

    “Trainer’s Toolkit 2023” Revealed, Contains Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR!

    Will be interesting to see if this has a mix of yellow and gray bordered cards
  5. Hukutus

    Worlds 2023 Location and Dates Revealed!

    Love the art
  6. Hukutus

    Jet Energy from ‘Triplet Beat’!

    Oh, I didn't even know they stopped that in Sun & Moon. I'm guessing they're all by 5ban Graphics like they were during BW-XY, so they didn't feel like including it anymore.
  7. Hukutus

    Jet Energy from ‘Triplet Beat’!

    Yes! Been annoyed about Warp Energy playing Colorless in GLC. Spending your turn attachment to attach an energy to the one you want out of the active was very rarely useful, but this way it makes sense.
  8. Hukutus

    TPCi Files Exciting New Tech Patent for Tracking Cards During Gameplay!

    This is not to prevent cheating, it's to make it easier for commentators to do their job and easier to show stuff on stream. Also a closed system like this is in no way comparable to a website.
  9. Hukutus

    2022 Illustration Contest Promos To Be Distributed in English Via Pokemon Centers!

    I’d say the Detective Pikachu one with Find a Friend and 1 retreat cost is still the optimal one for GLC.
  10. Hukutus

    2022 Illustration Contest Promos To Be Distributed in English Via Pokemon Centers!

    So annoying that once again these cards will only be available in UK and not the rest of Europe.
  11. Hukutus

    “Mimikyu ex Box” Releasing with Greavard in March!

    Here's hoping that Greavard will pair with Mimikyu's attack and will add some energy acceleration to Psychic.
  12. Hukutus

    “2022 World Championship Decks” Revealed for March!

    No, just the coin and deck box
  13. Hukutus

    “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet” is Now Nintendo’s Biggest Launch in History

    Has been a great game so far. Haven't encountered any other bugs than the occasional "can see through the ground during battles" and some FPS drops when battling Pokemon while swimming. Nothing game breaking, so the bugs are easy to laugh at. The graphics could be better for 2022, sure, but I...
  14. Hukutus

    New Scarlet & Violet Trailer Reveals Two Mysterious New Pokemon!

    Pre-ordered Violet cos Miraidon looks much better than Kuraidon, but gotta say the historical Donphan seems much cooler than the robophant.
  15. Hukutus

    Pokemon Center Reveals TCG Merchandise for November!

    But why a stepladder?
  16. Hukutus

    Skuntank V from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    Fun effect, but too niche of an effect to be useful.
  17. Hukutus

    New Pokemon Resembling Diglett Revealed for “Scarlet” and “Violet!”

    Looks like a garden eel. I'm guessing it'll be water/ground.