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  1. Phototoxin

    Help I want a Semi Budget Deck $150

    You need 4 ultra ball, 3-4 N & 3-4 Prof. Sycamore. If you want Kartana, Silvally/Steel features kartana
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    Standard Forged Alliance (Silvally GX / Metal attackers)

    Is fire memory in the next set?
  3. Phototoxin

    Trades [Europe Only] drawskillmaster's Trades

    I'm sure that I have at least 2 each of the Gardevoir GX and M Gardevoir, although they may be from the Radiant Collection part of Generations. Would those be of interest?
  4. Phototoxin

    Discussion Volcanion vs. Gardevoir - is it actually 50-50?

    You need elixirs to match speed at the start and then you need to be using turtonator to discard 2 energy which helps mitigate the damage from garde
  5. Phototoxin

    Discussion "Ultra Beast" symbol on GX cards

    I'd not be surprised to see something like a beast ball: discard 1 card to search for an 'ultrabeast' reveal it, put it into your hand.
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    Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread

    UN: IrishSpyral Want: Tapu Lele Regular Have: 17 GUR + 3 SM Boosters
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    My GFs ETB with her decks got stolen at prerelease.

    My GFs ETB with her decks got stolen at prerelease.
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    General How Did You Get Interested In Pokemon?

    I saw ads in the Beano about the TV series, it was show on terrestrial TV in Ireland, so I was primed but knew that it was based on an awesome computer game. So one summer my brother and I got gameboy colours and pokemon (red for me, blue for him) and the rest is history.
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    Pokemon IRL Hints You Live For People To Know You're a Pokefan

    I' m a trainee science teacher, I have a Victini pin on my ID badge, and I put odd examples of pokemon in my lessons. We were doing the rock cycle and I had an onyx as a clue.
  10. Phototoxin

    What is 'Skill' in PTCG?

    In pokemon TCG pretty much everything has a weakness, this avoids the 'one deck to rule them all' problem that sometimes occurs in other TCGs. Sure $£ is a factor, again not as bad as some other TCGs (although shaymins should have been in the keldeo/rayquaza box!) Luck ... you need to make your...
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    Standard M Alakazam / Gengar

    If you really wanted Gengar, rare candy might be a speedier option but is less consistent.
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    Pokemon What is the Most Plentiful Pokemon in Your Area?

    UK - we're full of Drowzees and no one knows why!
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    P!P/Rules Are prize cards a good mechanic for a TCG?

    I think so as it means that you need to be able to adapt, and unlike magic can't just search out the one solution to the problem.
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    Standard M-Alakazam EX Post Rotation

    I've been trying a similar list since AlakazamEX/M-AlakazamEX is quite a fast pokemon. But I struggle a little sometimes to get enough 'pre-damage' onto enemies to ensure the knockout.
  15. Phototoxin

    Standard Basic Fire/Metal Deck

    Why don't you suggest an alternative approach using the cards given?
  16. Phototoxin

    Delphox Break / Flareon-EX isn't working...

    Delphox Break / Flareon-EX isn't working...
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    Standard Basic Fire/Metal Deck

    Hi, I think it's great that you want to encourage your son. If you want a good way to learn the basic rules the free online card game version is a good idea (PTCGO) Though its servers are down at the moment. Firstly it sounds like he has most of a 'Gear of Fire' theme deck - these are...
  18. Phototoxin

    Best Theme Deck?

    Another semi-legit way is to get 2 theme decks , that way you tend to have more consistency out of the box.
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    Is a Pre-Release worth the Money?

    My Pre-Release was £20 for 6 packs + 2 at the end. (everyone gets 8, no prizes for winning). Considering that in the UK a booster is £3.50 (£3 at discount in FLGS, £4 in expensive places like WH Smiths) and that 8x£3.50 = £28 then it is good value. You usually get a good pre-release promo as...
  20. Phototoxin

    Major Changes Coming to 'Fates Collide' Prereleases!

    Pulled 2 Altaria EX (1 FA), and 3 Mothims (1 shiny) and 2 Reniculus. We did draft of 6 packs. I went 4 Burmy 3 Wormdam 3 Mothim* + 5 Solosis + 2 Duosin + 2 Reniculus to counter the fighting that everyone else seemed to play. Beat random fighting/khangaskhan/pigs 2-0 R1, Weezing+Chaos Tower 2-0...