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  1. Porygonbail

    Mr. Mime from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    They are playing chess.... this might be the first mr mime card I actually want
  2. Porygonbail

    Koffing, Weezing from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    Koffings artwork is the happiest and cutest pollution I have seen in a long while X,D
  3. Porygonbail

    “Paldea Evolved” Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    What we learned today, is that I apparently can not read. Im sorry! I ran off of the experience with older folders and their respective sets not fitting into them, wich bothered me greatly. You are right 252 is fine unless you go above and beyond collecting every single card including the SR
  4. Porygonbail

    Community a bug I guess?

    Hi, I legit don't know where to post this, but my posts get oddly autocorrected/differ when I switch between writers view and readers view. Example: This is the te wrote in forum. Notice the r o s s mann But once I save the post it turns the r o s s mann into googlemann: When I open the...
  5. Porygonbail

    “Paldea Evolved” Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    So aside from at league deck building, they arent really of use? With the ones my family threw at me over the years, I noticed they are far too thin to fit the sets they promote, even if you ignore secret rares etc. And I agree with creg here too. It feels like every binder we get ( no matter...
  6. Porygonbail

    Articuno, Zapdos ex, Moltres, and Chansey from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Did they HAVE to make that chansey card so cute? This set is coming for my wallet AND my bankaccount!
  7. Porygonbail

    Jynx ex, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Hypno, and More from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    I know that is the point of this sets artwork, but I LOVE how most of them look juuuuuust similar enough to the first three set cards, to tickle that ol happy nostalgia juice fom 1999 out of my brain! They do a great job at that!
  8. Porygonbail

    Pokemon Center TCG Merchandise for May!

    I have to giggle so hard at the artwork with Sylveon. Those poor three dragons X,D
  9. Porygonbail

    More English “Paldea Evolved” Cards Revealed!

    Honestly some of the fullarts of this gen so far I would LOVE to hang on my walls as prints, such as Chu-Yu ex or Orthworm. I wouldnt mind paying good money for them either! They are just very pleaseing to look at.
  10. Porygonbail

    Cubone, Marowak from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    I hope the boosters for this over here will not be as hard to find as Champions Path was, cause I feel like I have to complete this set, even if my wallet will WEEP! X,D
  11. Porygonbail

    Victreebel Line, Tangela from ‘Pokemon Card 151!’

    wow. how about you cool down first?? why you so serious about this? You mke yourself look silly.
  12. Porygonbail

    Aerodactyl and Old Amber Fossil from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but is it new that the Fossil Item card shows what Pokemon it can "evolve" into?
  13. Porygonbail

    Victreebel Line, Tangela from ‘Pokemon Card 151!’

    Yeahhhh and the pokedex basically just makes stuff up out of the blue ( as seen by the obviously falsely connected fossil pokemon in Galar having pokedex entries that act as if they really looked that way originally and wherent fraudulent "paleonthology" ), or use myths and legends, wich are...
  14. Porygonbail

    Victreebel Line, Tangela from ‘Pokemon Card 151!’

    I think this Tangela ( the main card, not the fullart, even though that ones sweet too) might be my favorite one yet. How delicate it tries to reach that Berry. Composition is nice as well!
  15. Porygonbail

    Staryu, Starmie from ‘Pokemon Card 151’!

    In general I am a fan of it when the artist stays the same during the evolutionary line in a set. These two I like especially though, because of the detail in background. Wished our tidepools where that busy with life.
  16. Porygonbail

    Large Pokemon Factory Theft Comes to Light, But Probably Didn’t Impact Fans

    Quite dissapointed. Not in the article, that was a really good read. Im just dissapointed in the company. I am just really tired of companies being secretive about stuff like this. "If customers find out we may look bad" No. If you tell the customers on your own, and tell the customer what...
  17. Porygonbail

    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Secret Rares!

    Living for that Fletchinder. Also love how the Farigiraf one looks like a "selfie with the crew"
  18. Porygonbail

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Thats no point and you know it. Just cause something has been bad for a long time doesnt mean it is suddenly not bad. Also, newsflash, people can have different opinions and preferences.
  19. Porygonbail

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Agreed. I cant really say anything on account of actually pulling a gold, cause all the golds I pulled so far have been energies X,D and I simply can not be bothered to be hyped about those.