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    This isn't a goodbye thread... I thought it would be reasonably decent to announce that i'm retiring as a mod instead of completely disappearing without saying a word, then suddenly everyone questions where I am and why aren't I modding. I still receive email notifications from PMs which I...
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    Thanks everyone, even to the people who didn't know me. I'm not leaving and never coming back. I'm simply retiring my position as a mod because I have too many important life things going on at the moment. It simply restricts my activity greatly and I feel that a more active member should...
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    To fellow Pokebeach members who I know (and to anyone else): I have already spoken to the mods and now will inform you guys of my official retirement from Pokebeach. It has been great getting to know some of you over the past year and a half but I am moving on with life and such, and so have...
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    One Star

    Why does everyone think TylerM was ever a mod? He isn't and has never been...
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    One Star

    Lol seriously, why on earth do people still post in this thread? Think of it this way: The more you post in here the more it degrades you and shows your desperation for moderator-ship. Sure the first week when it started it was understandable but now it has become ridiculous that it's...
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    EDITED: Friday, 9/27, Empoleon Strategist Card Review, Holo POP 5 Pikachu and Mew

    I have to agree with the above. Empoleon deserves a 7, maybe an 8 at the most. But a 9.25/10 average rating for a card which isn't in the strong archetype list isn't worthy of a rating such as that. The review was alright but the rating wasn't. I also have to disagree with the Kricketune...
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    I'll take my order with a side of spam?

    Here's what you do: If YOU see something that needs a mod to attend to, like bumped threads, spamming or whatever then REPORT IT. We are only a few people, we cannot possibly read and look at every single thread on this forum. That's exactly why we have the report button, so you can help us...
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    One Star

    To sum this thread up: About half of the people who have posted in this thread have mod-ship as one of their goals on Pokebeach. It really is so extremely easy to see through people's post content and see what they "really" try to say subliminally about this topic. Sucking up to mods or WPM...
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    One Star

    I think everyone should just calm down, especially you ask ketchup. It's as if some massive revelation is going to be announced and everyone is posting furiously to see what it is. There might not even be a new mod, we don't even know that. It's not really even a big deal but people are turning...
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    One Star

    I don't mean to crush anyone's hopes but I really thought that people would have learned after the original Four Stars thread. Half the people that everyone is naming to be "possible mods" will not become mods... well not here anyway. WPM is looking for specific qualities, which he has already...
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    Ash Ketchup's, "SCHOOL OF SPRITING"

    Locked at thread owner's request. *Lock*
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    pokemon story

    Moved to fan creations. And ash ketchup, don't mini mod please.
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    About the forum announcement.

    The entire point of the announcement was to stop the INTENTIONAL use of chat speak. Some people do it on purpose even though they can use the English language perfectly fine, which is what we want to stop. We understand that some people aren't good at English and lack grammar and decent...
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    Ruling old energies

    Ok here's the answer seeing as you're still confused: You are allowed to use ANY basic energy card from ANY set that has been printed. You can use basic energy from the Base Set, from the Neo sets, from Ruby/Sapphire, etc, ANY set. But if you mean the special energy cards then you need to...
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    The TCG Questions area...

    I don't think that there needs to be a specific TCG mod for that section. At the current time I don't think anything is going to happen since we would have to work out how exactly to handle the situation. Probably the best way to do it would be having a specific Professor (or similar) team which...
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    The TCG Questions area...

    I've seen a lot of incorrect answers in that area and used to do my best to correct the wrong answers. However, these days I don't get a lot of free time and haven't been answering any questions there. The thing is, there will be very little Professors on this forum. They restricted the age to...
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    Ruling was this a good trade?

    Please don't revive dead threads which haven't been posted in for more than 2 weeks. *Lock*
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    I Still Believe by Hayden Panettiere

    Yes you were reported and the revival of this thread just caused it to be locked. *Lock*
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    Four Stars

    I'm the same. I don't know anything and have no idea what the Four Stars forum section is about. I don't have access to it either so whatever it is WPM is keeping it secret from most people. I'm going to guess that only the Supermods and WPM have access to it.
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    First Ex Pokemon

    Brokobear this thread is more then 2 months old. Please refrain from posting in threads which haven't been posted in for more then 2 weeks, it's against the forum rules to revive these dead threads. *Lock*