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  1. dmaster

    RBY 'Pokemon Red,' 'Blue,' 'Yellow' to be Released on 3DS Virtual Console!

    Now this...this is just an utter bombshell. I always thought they would eventually release the old games once they could figure out trading and it turns out that was exactly the case. And I have to say, that is absolutely great that they could add wireless trading/battling (slightly disappointed...
  2. dmaster

    'Pokemon Picross' Announced on 'Nintendo Direct'

    Yeah, free to start/play sounds absolutely horrible to me. This would have been fine as a paid downloadable just like the other smaller Picross games in the eShop. Regardless, I'm actually really excited about this announcement simply because I adore Picross games so much and this seems pretty...
  3. dmaster

    E3 2015 Discussion

    Looking back, this is actually really hilarious now... Honestly though, Nintendo's showing was bad. And I'm saying that as a pretty big Nintendo fanboy so that should tell you. Luckily, I tempered my expectations big time when they said they'd be focusing on already announced titles for this...
  4. dmaster

    Welcome to the Brand New PokéBeach! Come On In!

    Wow, this looks really really nice. It's crazy that it's been worked on for so long, but I feel like it's really going to pay off. I remember talks of the calendar and activities, Articles, Badges, and front page integration and I'm glad that everyone who worked on it can finally see it all...
  5. dmaster

    'Hoopa and the Clash of Ages' English Trailer! [4/13]

    If so, that explains why it's one of the worst voices I've ever heard in anything related to Pokemon. dmaster out.
  6. dmaster

    Mora, Thanks.

    Mora, Thanks.
  7. dmaster

    Chaos Jackal, Thanks.

    Chaos Jackal, Thanks.
  8. dmaster

    bbninjas, Thanks.

    bbninjas, Thanks.
  9. dmaster

    Free2Play Games

    I expected to see something like this happen, especially after the way Shuffle really took off in popularity. It's really not a surprise. This also ties into their whole mobile push they announced a little bit ago. I would just expect more of this kind of stuff in the future sadly. dmaster out.
  10. dmaster

    Games Fire Emblem

    I'm really hoping they don't release two versions of the new Fire Emblem here. Honestly, it's just kind of confusing how they're releasing it in Japan at this point. Apparently there's three paths that you'll be able to choose? Are they releasing two separate digitally or will there only be one...
  11. dmaster

    Ice Arceus, I didn't know they allowed people to have the same name lol. I'll add you.

    Ice Arceus, I didn't know they allowed people to have the same name lol. I'll add you.
  12. dmaster

    Ice Arceus, My username on there should be dmaster.

    Ice Arceus, My username on there should be dmaster.
  13. dmaster

    Ice Arceus, Yeah, I do. I can get on now, but I can't do calls.

    Ice Arceus, Yeah, I do. I can get on now, but I can't do calls.
  14. dmaster

    Ice Arceus, What's up? lol

    Ice Arceus, What's up? lol
  15. dmaster

    3DS Discussion Thread

    I was able to transfer my DSi downloaded games over to the 3DS so something must have gone wrong. dmaster out.
  16. dmaster

    3DS Discussion Thread

    This looks to be a pretty good first quarter/half for the 3DS. I'm really glad to see another Fire Emblem. To release two on the same console is mind blowing when you think about the years before Awakening came out when the series was extremely extremely niche. It almost looked like it was going...
  17. dmaster

    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    I'm going to try to nab up one Rosalina because I really like the character, but I'm having some worries I won't be able to get one. dmaster out.
  18. dmaster

    XY Breeding with Destiny Knot?

    You're going to want to slap the Destiny Knot and the Everstone on (obviously Everstone on the one with the Nature you want). You may only want three IVs on the Male, but the Destiny Knot picks five IVs from both parents combined, so your best bet is to put it on and replace one of the 3 IV...
  19. dmaster

    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    I have three now and I was going back and forth whether I wanted to get every single one or not but honestly, I just don't think that will be possible or feasible with the supply and demand of these things. I barely got Marth and he's my main and it's those kinds of things that really make me...
  20. dmaster

    Your Christmas Spoils

    The notable things I got were: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Bundle+Super Smash Bros for 3DS Persona Q Wild Card Edition 3 Amiibos (including Marth) dmaster out.