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  1. ForeverRanger91

    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

    GLC players are going to love seeing Baxcalibur because Blastoise was starting to get pricey.
  2. ForeverRanger91

    “Mew VMAX League Battle Deck” in November!

    This is such a bad take it isn't even funny. They have been doing this for a couple of years and it is great for new or budget players.
  3. ForeverRanger91

    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    First Comfey since Guardians Rising in 2017. That was when I first started playing the PTCG.
  4. ForeverRanger91

    “Lost Abyss” Japanese Set Featuring Giratina VSTAR Finally Revealed!

    I think we had a Comfey card in the early Sun and Moon era.
  5. ForeverRanger91

    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Set Featuring Hisuian Zoroark Revealed!

    Hisuian Zoroark VStar's attack looks to beat Righteous Beating almost.
  6. ForeverRanger91

    “Battle Legion” Special Set Revealed, Introduces New “Sparkling Pokemon!”

    Well there goes the market for Dark Patches.
  7. ForeverRanger91

    Shaymin VSTAR, Lumineon V, Sinnoh Starters, and More from ‘Star Birth!’

    Inteleon will still see play in certain decks, at least until rotation hits.
  8. ForeverRanger91

    Shaymin VSTAR, Lumineon V, Sinnoh Starters, and More from ‘Star Birth!’

    It is workable in any Water deck that runs Frosmoth or Melony. Lapras VMax is going to love Lumineon V's attack.
  9. ForeverRanger91

    Several More Character Rares Revealed from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Morty with Dusknoir makes little sense since Gengar is his signature Pokemon.
  10. ForeverRanger91

    Butterfree, Metapod, and Caterpie from ‘Fusion Arts’

    Turfield Stadium is a thing and we still have the Adaptive Evolution Caterpie and Metapod from Rebel Clash
  11. ForeverRanger91

    '25th Anniversary Collection' and 'Fusion Arts' Pokemon TCG Sets Announced for Japan!

    Item search is the one thing this game lacks and with the Mew from UNM rotating it won't be competing for space there. Oh and Jirachi will have rotated by the time this thing gets here.
  12. ForeverRanger91

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    Still searchable through Octillery.
  13. ForeverRanger91

    'Celebrations' is our 25th Anniversary Set, Includes Reprint of Base Set Charizard!

    Still going to be fun to collect and it is a shame because that Zacian Lv. X is actually good.
  14. ForeverRanger91

    Upcoming Ultra PRO Pokemon TCG Products!

    I do want the wooden deck box but I refuse to buy the sleeves because they do not shuffle well at all.
  15. ForeverRanger91

    TPCI Announces 2022 Championship Series

    Can't wait to finally be able to play the physical game again.
  16. ForeverRanger91

    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    Suicune V reminds me of the old Ludicolo and I loved playing with that card a while ago.
  17. ForeverRanger91

    Standard Baby SS Urshifu

    4 Kubfu (mf) 4 Urshifu Single strike (mf) 3 Houndour (swsh5-95) 3 Houndoom (bs) 1 Tyranitar V (battle style) 2 Crobat V (104/189) 1 Tool Scrapper (bw6-116) 2 Air Balloon (ssh) 3 Boss's Orders (swsh45-58) 2 Ordinary Rod (swsh1-171) 4 Professor's Research (sws) 2 Tower of Darkness (bas) 3...
  18. ForeverRanger91

    Dragon Pokemon Return to the TCG: 'Sky Stream' & 'Towering Perfection' Revealed!

    Based on that new Stadium we are totally getting Regileki and Regidrago in this set. That other Stadium might as well read "Heal 30 damage off of your Zacian and ADP" so ADPZ could very well remain a top deck in Expanded.