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  1. arulz

    Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark Revealed in ‘Restored’ Footage!

    Where are people finding the typing? Can’t see it on the YouTube or on the website
  2. arulz

    Exclusive, Larger 'Chilling Reign' Elite Trainer Boxes Releasing at Pokemon Center!

    Metal or metallic coin that’s the question./:.
  3. arulz

    DP remakes and pre-quel announced!

    What we see at E3 will seal our fate. That'll have been 6ish months since the last trailer was made and should give us an idea of what the finished product will be like. Again, the first SWSH trailer didn't even show overworld Pokemon. Anything could happen.
  4. arulz

    DP remakes and pre-quel announced!

    the announcement on Pokemon day was basically a teaser for both of these. SWSH didn't show anything in the first trailer- not even overworld Pokemon, let alone GMAX etc. Didn't show anything until June. I'm cautiously optimistic about Legends, but we will have to see. I am unfortunately too...
  5. arulz

    DP remakes and pre-quel announced!

    you must be fun at parties
  6. arulz

    'VMAX Climax' Pokemon TCG Trademark Filed!

    how does this confirm that?
  7. arulz

    'VMAX Climax' Pokemon TCG Trademark Filed!

    i hope it's the end. Vmax was about as boring as could be. They couldn't even give abilities or cool secondary effects. Coming off how fun the stage 2 GX's were with the evolving, cool abilities, and cool GX attacks, this was such a bad follow up. Would love a major rework/inspiration, or just...
  8. arulz

    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    Would it kill them to make a good aegislash or any 2 worth playing as an attacker or that matter
  9. arulz

    Theme Decks for Pokemon TCG Sets Likely Discontinued!

    makes sense. They definitely have to hit the sub $20 mark.
  10. arulz

    Theme Decks for Pokemon TCG Sets Likely Discontinued!

    I agree. If anything, it's much harder to learn with a theme deck. Because they are poorly constructed and have little synergy, there's a very small chance to learn any actual strategy as you read through the card options you have available.
  11. arulz

    'Shining Fates' is February's Special Set!

    how can you tell which one is 9 and which is 4? EDIT: based on the size of the scanning things it looks like the dragapult is the smaller one. I'd have thought the charizard is more popular? (Even though i'll be buying dragapult for the art i imagine most kids just go for charizard and that's...
  12. arulz

    'V Battle Decks' To Feature Venusaur V and Blastoise V, New 'Play Level' Indicator!

    This idea has a lot of potential. If this replaces theme decks i see that having a lot more appeal and value with the 'chase card' on the front. And the play indicator kind of signals to parents and new players that competitive pokemon is a thing that you should think about and potentially...
  13. arulz

    Cramorant VMAX, Cinderace VMAX Featured in 'VMAX Special Set' Box!

    Personally I like the dhelmise VMAX :) the action shot looks really cool and it actually looks Max what I personally consider the biggest problem with vmax is that they don’t actually look any bigger than the normal cards because there’s no reference point. They just look like another rare...
  14. arulz

    ‘Crown Tundra’ Releases in October, Features Galarian Slowking and All Legendaries!

    Personally i really like Galarian slowking. The lore that the shelder has taken over and basically controls him like a dope. and so creepy and cool. Way better then alolan persian, dugtrio, mr mime, and easily my favourite of the 4 'slow' evolutions. But that's the great thing...
  15. arulz

    'Galar Power Mini Tins' Images Revealed!

    This will be the first one I buy, I LOVE Dragapult
  16. arulz

    'Galarian Sirfetch'd V Box' Revealed for September!

    m whenever my wife buys one of these products she is very happy while opening the evolutions packs. she doesn't know evolutions, but when she opens the packs she knows their retro and cool, and a nice variance from the other packs. the same is true for all my younger siblings, and even my 8yo...
  17. arulz

    'Galarian Sirfetch'd V Box' Revealed for September!

    I think they put evolutions on purpose not because they have extra, but casuals like the packs the nostalgic feel is cool for causal people
  18. arulz

    'Pokemon TCG Raid Battle' Game Play Style Announced!

    very much feels like a game meant for parents to play with their kids or for young kids to play together. Or for beginners to get used to the game. Probably the best use case based on how they describe "ignore secondary effects of attacks for now" is that this game is for people who don't yet...