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  1. GrandPanacea

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    Please don't eat the caterpillar. XD
  2. GrandPanacea

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    That red caterpillar is beautiful!! That shade of red is absolutely gorgeous. Those moth memes are certainly somethin', haha!!
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    Media Current Movies Discussion!

    Since my last post, I have seen two more movies in theatres. One I would recommend, and the other I would definitely not recommend. Happytime Murders is the one I would not recommend. Definitely a movie for adults. Kin is the one I would recommend! It's a low-key sci-fi movie with a focus on...
  4. GrandPanacea

    Oops. Kinda got crazy busy there and haven't been on the forums in a Rockruff's age.

    Oops. Kinda got crazy busy there and haven't been on the forums in a Rockruff's age.
  5. GrandPanacea

    Media Current Movies Discussion!

    Since my last post, I've seen both The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I absolutely adored Incredibles. I went and saw it with my DM and the other elf player in my current D&D campaign. It's everything I wanted and then some. JW:FK was... Well, it was entertaining. I...
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    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    Definitely gonna need to pick up a copy of both of these. Ditto, because that's pretty wild (yes, even with Buzz weakness), and Kahili for my Full Art Trainer collection.
  7. GrandPanacea

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    I live in New Brunswick, Canada, in a city. My specific area is completely residential, so I'm not super surprised. There's a river bisecting the city, but it's still pretty urban all around it.
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    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    Man, you see all kinds of crazy moths. The only ones I've seen around here have been a few variations of the basic white/grey moths, and a single Luna moth once.
  9. GrandPanacea

    Media Current Movies Discussion!

    Oh, I saw Deadpool 2 on the Sunday of opening weekend. Absolutely incredible. Definitely not for younglings. You're welcome, Canada.
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    Art Gallery Through The Lens - A Photography Album by GrandPanacea

    I'm back, this time with an album. To keep with the tradition of doing the spoilers, I'll throw the link in there.
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    Pokemon Your Favourite Villainous Team

    It's been a hot minute since this thread was last used. Gonna revive it. My favourite villainous teams are Team Skull and Team Rocket. I was always a fan of Team Rocket because of their theme, honestly. Really neat design, and Giovanni stood out to me as particularly interesting. Fast...
  12. GrandPanacea

    General Stuff to do while grinding.

    I would highly recommend a YouTube channel called "The Modern Rogue" It's essentially two professional jackasses having fun and teaching you about a wide variety of things. They have everything from NERF gun modding to spy camera detection to how to shoot a bow like a Mongolian horseback...
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    General Where do you come from?

    I'm from Canada! Lived here my entire life, too. I'd like to visit Mexico some day, and not the touristy crap either.
  14. GrandPanacea

    Pokemon What would be your team if you were the Champion?

    I'd vary my team composition, like Blue. Luxray: My lead. Not the strongest 'mon ever, so I'd use her to lead things off. Hydreigon: A powerhouse. Very useful against... Well, a lot of things. Sceptile: This would be my Mega, if I was in a region that utilized Megas. Aerodactyl: Someone's...
  15. GrandPanacea

    Pokemon Do you have any pokemon tattoos?

    That's cute! I currently only have one Pokémon tattoo, which is a Master Ball on my wrist! I got it because I've been a fan since I was about 4 and a half, and it was near my birthday. Spur of the moment decision, too, hehe.
  16. GrandPanacea

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    Ahh! It may not be as visually striking as some of the others in this thread, but it's still rather nice looking. I like the antennae. Good luck with your team catching!
  17. GrandPanacea

    General Neko's Moth-Watching Thread

    I see those little bagworm husks all the time around my place. Really tiny little buggers. What's the end result look like?
  18. GrandPanacea

    Starting to really get a hang of my camera. :D

    Starting to really get a hang of my camera. :D
  19. GrandPanacea

    Art Gallery Through The Lens - A Photography Album by GrandPanacea

    Alrighty, back at it again for post number two! :D Same deal as before, in that I'm gonna post a handful of images via spoilers. Once again, likes, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated. Also, clicking on them makes them huge.
  20. GrandPanacea

    Art Gallery Violet's Photo Album

    I'm really stoked that I could be a part of your experience, and super glad I could be an inspiration <3 I should update my thread.