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  1. CerberusAce

    Jet Energy from ‘Triplet Beat’!

    Yeah this could be used instead of capture to just get more switching options after rotation with netball being s little harder to use
  2. CerberusAce

    Next League Battle Deck to Feature Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR!

    For anyone that is upset the reason why they Palkia is because they usually release a deck a year from where the pokemon from the battle league deck came from. Like FST (Nov 2021) then Mew VMAX Battle League deck (Nov 2022). Astral Radiance (May 2022) then O-Palkia VSTAR Battle League Deck (May...
  3. CerberusAce

    ‘Crown Zenith’ is the Final Set for PTCGO

    Yes, you can migrate your account at any time form PTCGO to PTCGL but once you migrate your account and cards you can't play PTCGO anymore only PTCGL. IF you migrate you'll get all your cards, sleeves, coins, etc but avatar items will not be transferable and unopened pack will be transferred in...
  4. CerberusAce

    Second “Scarlet & Violet” Set Releasing Later Than Usual, Upcoming English Products!

    Probably not Lugia, but maybe one in either Palkia or Girantina. They usually do decks that are typically competitive a couple of months to a year before the release. Like it took the Calyrex decks a year from June 2021 (Chilling Reign) to the Rider Calyrex League Decks (June 2022) and then...
  5. CerberusAce

    Second “Scarlet & Violet” Set Releasing Later Than Usual, Upcoming English Products!

    I could see Giratina's Lost zone box being the battle league deck since they usually have V's as the main attacker but I'm not sure since there might be some other deck they think will be good because I doubt Lugia will get one because of its rotation nerf
  6. CerberusAce

    “Crown Zenith” Full English Set List!

    We finally have an attacker for Gardiveor EX for the time being till we get like a basic EX
  7. CerberusAce

    “Raging Surf” Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    I would love that too. But I'm sure since in VGC different colors one gives a different effects and I'm wondering if they'll make 3 different colored versions with somewhat different abilities (like one increase resistances, damage, or health) or just one card with that ability
  8. CerberusAce

    TPCi Awards Six Pokemon Professors with Unique Promo Plaques!

    RIP My man Gordie and Alister! lol
  9. CerberusAce

    Charizard V, VMAX, and VSTAR Promos Revealed from “SWSH Ultra Premium Collection!”

    Does anyone know the expected pre-order date?
  10. CerberusAce

    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    What does LFGS mean?
  11. CerberusAce

    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    Does anyone know when this will go up for preorder?
  12. CerberusAce

    News New 'Knock Out Collections,' Legendary Beast Blisters in Stores!

    It would probably work with gallade because of the supporter gimmick but probably might get used at cities in expanded because darkrai and dark patch plus yevetal