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    “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Sets Featuring Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex Officially Revealed!

    Nemona's Passion or something will come, don't worry.
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    Galaxy Holofoil and Galaxy Borders Returning to “Scarlet & Violet” Promos!

    There's a Jirachi V that never came out so surely it gets a box. Just speculation.
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    “Scarlet & Violet” Booster Pack Configuration Finally Revealed: Major Exciting Changes!

    It could be better but to act as if this isn't better than before is weird. There will be less bulk because there are no more fake uncommon and rare cards. Bigger pool of common/uncommon cards means less of each. No rare cards taking up the rare slot means you complete holos faster and reduces...
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    More English “Scarlet & Violet” Cards, Rarity Symbols Revealed!

    You'll pull 2x in every pack.
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    I don't think they will use those cards to promote Crown Zenith. If we look at Shining Fates, Celebrations and Pokemon Go all of them used cards that were related to the set. I'm 90% sure that they will be SARs from VSTAR Universe and that the setlist for CZ will be amended to include these...
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    There are at least 19 promos without announced products left for SWSH. Of those: 1x Boss's Orders - Cyrus (presumably from VSTAR Universe) 1x Pikachu V - Start Deck 100 - CoroCoro 1x Pikachu VMAX - CoroCoro 1x Jirachi V FA (cut from Astral Radiance) So potentially another 15 cut from VSTAR...
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    The four Mystery Box promos are Regieleki V, Unown V, Regidrago V and Lugia V. No space for Lugia V. I'm leaning towards them needing to update the numbers, or maybe they are cutting a lot of cards that didn't get a release which would be dumb considering that's what this set is for.
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    Btw in the leaked list, there is no Numel - it's a Ditto. Also, there is a Bibarel, Riolu, Electivire and Manaphy.
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    I tried posting multiple times but mods keep deleting my posts lol Ridiculous. The forum is dead and if you don't report it on this site, then you shouldn't censor where to find the report. Anyway, there is a Glaceon and Leafeon V from Hong Kong. They got ours and another pair.
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    There's also an exclusive Leafeon and Glaceon V from Hong Kong.
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    Discussion Crown Zenith Partial Set List

    Why would they be guaranteed? They haven't been given cards for more than 5 years across multiple generations. Anyway, with today's reveal of another Shinx line, 12.5 is looking kinda weird. Will they really have two Shinx lines? There's space but still.
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    Discussion List of fully evolved Pokémon that haven't received Ultra Rare cards yet

    Skuntank V has leaked. Also Hisuian Arcanine, but you already don't have that on the list lol.
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    Regidrago VSTAR, Regieleki VMAX, Omastar V, and More from ‘Paradigm Trigger!’

    You've missed Anorith, Armaldo and Relicanth.
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    Grafaiai from Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Revealed!

    What's lame is basing a region on a real life place and then not having many inspirations from that region. Obviously there'll always be a number of Pokemon that aren't inspired by the region, but since they make so few now (since XY), it's just a waste really. This is based on leaks of what...
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    Character Rare Smeargle & Rainbow Rare Furisode Girl from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    Smeargle isn't even in Sword & Shield so can't actually be paired with the Sword & Shield artist lol.
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    Full Art Alolan Vulpix V, Jynx Character Rare from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    You misunderstand. The Komiya art is stunning, so the CHR should have complemented it. Could have been a Jynx AA honestly.
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    Full Art Alolan Vulpix V, Jynx Character Rare from ‘Incandescent Arcana’!

    That Jynx art is pretty underwhelming. Finally give Jynx something and it's zoomed out and the trainer is some nobody. And Komiya did the normal art. I love HYOGONOSUKE who I think did the art, and even though Hoothoot was pretty good, their style does not work well for trainers who should...
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    “Silver Tempest” Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box, Radiant Alakazam, and More Set Details!

    Why would one be cut? It's 15 Vs and 18 FAs. 6+8+1 = 15
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    All 68 “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    I think the Gym Trainer is the one printed in Taiwan? Hong Kong? Thailand? Somewhere in Asia for the Eeveelution tournament as a participation prize or something.
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    All 68 “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

    What's it look like? If you wouldn't mind sharing.