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  1. Gloose

    Local Events Return! League Cups Begin April 14th!

    I would totally recommend it. Went to Charlotte and even though round pairings and wait times can be annoying, it was awesome the entire time, even if its just for meeting likeminded people. Side events are awesome too and being able to watch the streamed finals in person is great when everybody...
  2. Gloose

    Forretress ex, Annihilape ex, Bellibolt ex, Mimikyu from “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst!”

    at the cost of 2 prize cards tho, electrode was just 1. wont be worth risking the prize race over
  3. Gloose

    Official Dates and Location Revealed for NAIC 2023!

    Ohio isn't real and you phonies can't make me think otherwise
  4. Gloose

    Sword & Shield’s Climax — Crown Zenith’s Implications for Orlando

    yeah but a lot of people aren't playing hisuian zoroark because of how it loses to almost every top pick deck (I imagine you are using hisuian zoroark vstar), so the goo gets a free space in the competitive
  5. Gloose

    Four Surprising Top Tier 2 Decks

    Man I'm not paying anything more than a dollar for a subscription with about 2 'articles' a month. Change it from 15.
  6. Gloose

    Klawf ex, Brassius, Houndstone, Eevee Gym Promos Revealed!

    It'll definitely be helpful for big draw decks like regis where you don't want to chuck what you have, but you need to go deeper
  7. Gloose

    All 98 “Paradigm Trigger” Cards Revealed!

    Man I still don't know if anything from this set is gonna be major, besides the vstar items. Lugia is super cool, but its reliance on fossils and a rotating energy concerns me. Other gimmicks exists, but so far to me they just seem like gimmicks. Will just have to wait and see...
  8. Gloose

    “Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection” Revealed, Exclusive to GameStop!

    It's hard to say that this is really worth 100 bucks, since most of it is just for collectors rather than players, and jumbled with some stuff from an etb. Best bet would be to just buy the playmat separately for much cheaper.
  9. Gloose

    Turbo Gengar Is On the Radar for My Next Regionals

    It's not even just that, it's 15 a month for scraps when it should be around 2 bucks for the amount of premium content
  10. Gloose

    Turbo Gengar Is On the Radar for My Next Regionals

    Really wish more of the article was public, 3 paragraphs isn't enough for most posts
  11. Gloose

    “Silver Tempest” Product Images Revealed, Features Lugia VSTAR, Unown VSTAR, and More!

    I'm not usually a fan of pokemon sleeves because of their shading and how thicc they are when shuffling, but im loving the blue on turquoise from these and the pokemon go set
  12. Gloose

    SWSH Ultra Premium Collection to Feature Charizard!

    If it makes anyone feel better for the set getting scalped, it focuses around two of the least played cards in format, so it wouldnt really be worth it even without scalping
  13. Gloose

    Super Regeneration — A V-UNION Gains a Place in Standard

    Isaiah might have a different modified decklist tho, like the modded regi deck that won at full grip games