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  1. Breeder Emmy

    Japan's SM6+ Set, 'Dragon Storm,' Plus 'Champion Road' Mini-Set!

    Finally, Incineroar is your time.
  2. Breeder Emmy

    'Forbidden Light,' Japan's SM6 Set!

    So Frogs is the new Bats?
  3. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Mega Gardevoir EX (Despair Ray)

    Won a League Challenge with this yesterday, posting it here as I believe it has a lot of potential and will gain a lot from the next upcoming sets: Marshadow from Shining Legends, Kartana-GX and Nihilego from Crimson Invasion, to name a few. Pokemon (17) 3 Gardevoir EX (STS) 3 M Gardevoir EX...
  4. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Primarina GX

    The 2 Primarinas are a typo, was meant to be 3 - I was a card short in the above list. Thanks I have corrected it now. I disagree with statement that hitting your Elixers by turn 2 is a necessity, I originally ran my list similarly thinking the same thing, but after much testing found it to be...
  5. Breeder Emmy

    Ruling Ninetales (Delta Species)'s Volunteer with Ninetales Break

    How would Ninetales (Delta Species)'s volunteer ability interact with Ninetales Break? Would you discard the middle card and search for another? Would this mean the Break would have access to the new middle cards abilities and attacks, even an EX?
  6. Breeder Emmy

    Discussion Pidgeot-EX Deck Concept

    @crystal_pidgeot Any comments on the use of Assualt Vest and/or Umbreon GX?
  7. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Primarina GX

    Hi have playtested with Primarina GX a lot, and have settled on this list below. I find that Lapras GX is too important to leave out, it's GX is vital vs Mega deck as Primarina's is lackluster, and collect is valueble early game. I agree that Lillie is paramount to success and find that collect...
  8. Breeder Emmy

    Discussion Pidgeot-EX Deck Concept

    I have started brewing with M Pidgeot EX and found I often mega evolve the first active one without a spirit link as I was not going to attack anyway. Your comment had me thinking if I could have attached an Assualt Vest then it would effectively have 260 HP vs anything with special energy, i.e...
  9. Breeder Emmy

    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    Hi, I just bought the Keldeo vs Rayquaza Battle Deck and now have a full set of the Raichu Line, would be interested in building a deck with it. As a colorless attacker it has many options, so wonder what have people tested an what works well, things I am thinking of: Mew EX 4-4 Golbat (Want...
  10. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Reshiram/Giratina

    Interestingly I chose Heavy Ball with the intention to not play Hoopa EX because I could not fit in Float Stone with the Bursting Balloons and also didn't want to clog up the bench, but with your Skyfield suggestions I see how this can be mitigated. Bursting Balloon, however I have been very...
  11. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Reshiram/Giratina

    I am fairly new to the game, and this is the first deck I have been working on. Any comments/advice would be appreciated: Reshiram/Giratina Pokemon: 4 Reshiram (ROS) 2 Hydreigon-EX (ROS) 2 Giratina-EX (AOR) 2 Shaymin-EX (ROS) Supporters: 4 Professor Sycamore (BKP) 2 N (FCO) 2 Lysandre (AOR) 1...
  12. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Carbink/Medicham (2016-2017)

    Hi, this is my first deck and have build it online. Basic idea is to use Carbink Break to set-up strong energies on Barrage Medicham and use it to KO. Some of the problems I am having that I need some help solving: - I sometimes run out of cards in the deck before I can kill 6 pokemon...
  13. Breeder Emmy

    Standard Electrode/ Raikou (PCL-on)

    An alternative idea would be to run Mega Ampharos EX in an all EX deck + Electrode line(s), in which case the Electrode losing a prize card doesn't mean anything as it is effectively the 7th Prize.
  14. Breeder Emmy

    Discussion How to Destroy the Mega Mewtwo Decks!

    Bent Spoon to render Damage Change useless and Barrage Nidoqueen to kill in a single hit with Giovanni's Scheme and Faded Town for extra dmg in other match ups.