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    Trainer’s Toolkit 2022 Revealed, Includes Alternate Art Lumineon V Promos!

    If you look it's not a promo it's from the set.
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    Fun What's your favorite rogue?

    Im trying to get into leagues so i can play a marowak break deck i built
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    P!P/Rules Are prize cards a good mechanic for a TCG?

    So basically you want to turn pokemon into another attaboy sort? Then what would be the point. And who would go to tournaments? They go away with prize cards and just give everyone trophies. Thatd be next. Just submit a form to pokemon you play the tcg and you instantly get a prize. Its been a...
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    News New Legendary Battle Decks in September!

    Zapdos literally had a full art card in generations...
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    Art Gallery Custom Pikachu Card

    Just painted a custom pikachu card. What do you think
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    Talonflame/Typhlosion budget build

    True energy recycler would be preferred in this deck for sure
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    Volcarona Reactions

    I have been playing a deck on the tcg online i built from scratch. It contains a bunch of pokemon that no one really uses which is weird because theyre cheap and easy ways to powerup. I run 2 copies of larvesta and volcarona from ancient origins. Usually on the coin flips i like going first just...