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  1. Mr. Melon

    TCG Fakes Mega Power Expansion

    You are a young researcher wandering the Hoenn region. Your goal is to uncover as much information about the diverse region as possible. This includes the Weather Institute, where you study Castform and Sawsbuck to better understand the climate. It includes Mt. Chimney, where you study Torkoal...
  2. Mr. Melon

    Alt. Format M Sachiko-EX Deck

    Hello, and welcome to the stupidest deck I could possibly think of. There is a promo card in Japan called M Sachiko-EX, based on a celebrity that is unplayable in organised Pokémon. However, I go to a very casual league, so time to get building! First off we have Sachiko herself. M Sachiko-EX...
  3. Mr. Melon

    Standard Aerodactyl / Omastar

    Pokémon - 15 4 Aerodactyl FAC 4 Omnyte FAC 4 Omastar FAC 2 Jirachi PROMO 1 Mew FAC Trainers - 32 3 N 3 Sycamore 4 Ultra Ball 2 Trainers' Mail 4 Fossil Excavation Kit 4 Helix Fossil Omnyte 4 Old Amber Aerodactyl 2 Random Receiver 1 Lysandre 1 Hex Maniac 4 VS Seeker Energy - 8 4 DCE 4 Water...