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  1. AquaDragon82

    Discussion What Pokémon Do You Want to See as a GX, and Why?

    I'm going to go with something that we haven't a good/relevant card of in a while: Regigigas-GX since he's just a cool Pokemon. And on that note, Regice-GX and Registeel-GX would also be interesting. Regirock-GX would also be cool, but we just had Regirocl-EX a few sets ago.
  2. AquaDragon82

    News Japan's SM3+ Set: 'Shining Legends!'

    Unfortunately, Shining Arceus just seems like a slightly worse Promo Tapu Koko (10 more damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon, but for an extra Double Colorless Energy). However, it's still a really cool collector's item that I would love to own and the ability is an interesting replacement...
  3. AquaDragon82

    Standard Primal Groudon/Garbodor

    I think he said that since Primal Groudon is typically a slow deck and doesn't need to acceleration that is provided by Shaymin
  4. AquaDragon82

    Standard Ninetales BREAK / Team Magma's Camerupt / Eelektross

    Max Elixir is a must have in most decks, especially this one. In my opinion, as cool as Eelektross seems, it takes too long to set up so I would scrap that line. Baby Volcanion might also be a decent addition to the deck since it can help set up several Vulpixes/Ninetales
  5. AquaDragon82

    Discussion Mega Blastoise Deck - Is It Viable?

    I know that you're trying not to make it a Waterbox deck but I think Palkia-EX would be a very nice edition since it would help accelerate your Mega Balstoise quickly.
  6. AquaDragon82

    Regirock/Carbink/Machamp BREAK

    I think Weavile might be a good card in the deck since it would give you the ability to switch your items from a Float Stine to a Birsting Balloon. Also, if you're using Bursting Balloon as a main part of your strategy then an extra one would help the consistency of the deck
  7. AquaDragon82

    Regirock/Carbink/Machamp BREAK

    The Machamp in this deck is from the newest set Evolutions which is very similar to the Base Set Machamp except slightly better.
  8. AquaDragon82

    Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    AquaDragon82 vs TheRavagedCabbage AquaDragon82 wins due to a forfeit. It's a shame that I didn't get to face you in this tournament, but hopefully I will in another tournament!
  9. AquaDragon82

    Speed M Rayquaza-EX

    I I believe that Rattata/Raticate might be a really good edition do Mega Ray since Rattata can discard your opponent'a Fighting Fury Belt or their Spirit Links, slowing them down. Raticate can also be a very good late game sweeper for a single Energy. There might be other playable cards, but...
  10. AquaDragon82

    Standard M-Rayqauza w/ Magearna

    If you can find some room to place Cobalion in the deck then do it since Cobalion is a really good late game attacker and he's a non-EX attacker which can help against Carbink and Regice.
  11. AquaDragon82

    My deck

    I also agree that you should make this deck more focused on Volcanion and Flareon. I would also suggest to only have 1 Ninja Boy since 4 is far too many and having 2-3 N would also really help the consistency of the deck. Trainers' Mail and more 3 Ultra would also be a very nice edition to the...
  12. AquaDragon82

    Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    AquaDragon82 vs professor layton AquaDragon82-2 professor layton-0 Good games and I wish you the best of luck during the rest of this tournament!
  13. AquaDragon82

    Standard My version of fairy dragon

    The only other thing I could suggest is to either remove a Fairy Energy or a Xerneas but other than that the deck looks solid.
  14. AquaDragon82

    Standard My version of fairy dragon

    I would suggest to run 3 Gardevoir EX because usually that's all you need. Another suggestion since you have Despair Ray Mega Gardevoir is to run a Super Rod to get your resources back.
  15. AquaDragon82

    Rainbow Road - Xerneas BKT

    Yeah, you're right; the only way to get rid of Parallel City is with another stadium that's not Parallel City, Delinquent, Mega Scizor or Paint Roller.
  16. AquaDragon82

    News First 'Sun & Moon' English Set News!

    If I ever see any Pokemon with that much HP I don't think I would play the TCG for a while lol. That would be disgusting since Wailord EX is a nuisance as is.
  17. AquaDragon82

    Discussion Winners of December's TCG Cup Crowned! Deck Lists and Interview!

    AquaDragon82-1 Bolly-2 5:09 pm EST-5:41 pm EST
  18. AquaDragon82

    Discussion Weaknesses of the top tier decks

    I feel as though Darkrai-EX struggles a lot against Gardevoir-EX. Even with Giratina-EX the match up tough since they can either Hex Maniac or Lysandre and easily knock every other Pokemon you have. Plus Xerneas BREAK destroys Giratina, so that doesn't help. AND Gardevoir-EX resists Dark, so...
  19. AquaDragon82

    Standard Volcanion EX

    I really like Energy Reset since it takes the energy from your bench back into your hand, which helps you Steam Up late game
  20. AquaDragon82

    Standard Volcanion EX

    One of the biggest things that I see right now is the lack of Fisherman and Trainer's Mail. Is there any reason to run Acro Bike over Trainer's Mail?