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  1. The Fire Wyrm

    Finished Free For All ~ Postponed

    In with Draaaven, Not Draven, Draaaven.
  2. The Fire Wyrm

    Which Video Games Deserve to be Featured in Trading Card Games?

    Diablo Spending hours and hours of your time in order to find that one rare is the best part of card games anyways. Also because D3 was pretty much the only game where I was actually really good at...
  3. The Fire Wyrm

    Art Gallery TFW'S Gallery ~REBOOT BABY~

    Was meant to be a joke but if people really want me to make it I'll do it and post it in the Beach Picture Thread.
  4. The Fire Wyrm

    Art Gallery TFW'S Gallery ~REBOOT BABY~

    Okay, the caps were a bit too much. I'm TheFireWyrm if you don't know me already, I've been here for ~4 years (So you better know me or my ego will eat your family) I like art, I used to be legendary at spriting, but I've lost nearly all interest in pokemon now. I'll only be browsing the off...
  5. The Fire Wyrm

    What Hobbies Do You Have Besides Pokémon?

    I play live video games to sustain my ego. I interact with chat and am planning on installing a donation button so you can sustain my wallet and my ego.
  6. The Fire Wyrm

    Active You Laugh, You Lose - Post Something Funny!

    This amazing Awkward Seel base made by /u/steveminty on reddit (On r/pokememes) Anyways, I have to contribute something as well. Only in the LCS
  7. The Fire Wyrm

    How to Handle Homework

    Homework is 5% of my total grade over here. I just get 95% on everything else and ignore it. Still living the 4.0 life :D
  8. The Fire Wyrm

    Finished Slap The Poster Above You With Anything 2 [YPPY]

    TheFireWyrm slaps steffenka with a hand.
  9. The Fire Wyrm

    Spriters/Pixel Artists Needed

    Damn, I really want to help out but I'm extremely busy with school atm and that takes priority. Hope you guys find someone!
  10. The Fire Wyrm

    Your Greatest Fears & Phobias

    Strangely enough, I love the sound when you rub against a plastic balloon and when a balloon pops. I used to blow up hundreds of balloons and kept making obnoxious noises with them, my family didn't appreciate it though xD. I have a fear of destabilization, I will literally crawl into fetal...
  11. The Fire Wyrm

    League of Legends

    Too heavy for Spammy.
  12. The Fire Wyrm

    League of Legends

    You're lucky Schpammy carried you.
  13. The Fire Wyrm

    Active You Laugh, You Lose - Post Something Funny!

    Came across some gold while on Youtube.
  14. The Fire Wyrm

    Active You Laugh, You Lose - Post Something Funny!

    then millions of stick particles get into their lungs stick win everytime
  15. The Fire Wyrm

    DLC and Microtransactions in Videogames

    It's going to be a case of Pay to Win. The more you pay, the more you win. If there's no Free to Play way to get packs, I would just quit immediately. Likelihood is, you'll be wasting money and not achieving anything great, especially since the meta's becoming quite stale. I mean, that's how...
  16. The Fire Wyrm

    League of Legends