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    Pokemon Pokemon Trading Card Game or Pokemon Video Games?

    This is not a favorite thread. This is a thread to post why you think one is better than the other. (Ok, well i guess it partially is) I tried to compare VGC and TCG for the past 2 months (after coming back to TCG and Competitive Battling) and i think that the VGC is better for these reasons...
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    *The Little Monster Shop* (Updated w/ "Solos" 3.19.11)

    RE: *The Little Monster Shop* Thanks little monster! If you could make the text stand out more that would be cool. You can do mudkip's first but try and get my others done too!
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    fangon sounds too odd IMHO. Also it sounds like flygon So far I thin the ant and anteater are ainto=antroid kuitaran= Igneater (ignition+anteater) stays the same or fleat (Flame+eat)
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    Hip Hip Hooray!

    Pokemon: Oshawott Adds?: make sure the shell is there :)
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    @zoroarkdude ow about antroid?
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    *The Little Monster Shop* (Updated w/ "Solos" 3.19.11)

    RE: *The Little Monster Shop* I'd like a logo and some Banners! The pokemon could be Smeargle The text should be "The Pokemon Wi-fi Club" in the coolest text pssoible The colors could be a lot of paint splatters everywhere You can the size about like a logo size. I also have 3 More if you like...
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    (2) Reshiram and Zekrom in Thanksgiving Parade, HS Undaunted Sampling Pack [11/23]

    yes, all this info regarding the games is really hinting a February release @a.j sorry for you guys. It's a great thing to watch. Not just for Pikachu and now Zecky and Reshi but just for all the balloons. You can try to find it on youtube after the show.
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    BW/BW2 Black/White US release theory

    Yeah if reshi and zecky are being in the parade than that definently means that they are tryin to advertise the games early. I honestly think the muddle of February for U.S and I really hope it does come at that time. England I estimate te end of February or beginning of March.
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    BW/BW2 The Simple 5th Gen VG Questions and Answers Thread

    RE: The B/W Questions and Answers Thread What are the complete rules for zoroark's ability illusion?
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    @pyro After reading back I think your ideas for the megurocko lines are great!
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    BW/BW2 Kyurem Speculation Thread

    RE: Kyurem Came From a Meteorite, and Eats Humans and Pokemon First expression after reading first few sentences: Cool he came from a meteorite! That leads so much speculation towered Pokemon Grey! Expression after readin whole post: OMG Kyurem's a cannibal!
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    I thought yooterri would be Yootterri: Buppy (B/eard, p/Uppy)
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    BW/BW2 New side games?

    I want a mystery dungeon night and day. It makes since because Black=night White=Day. And later to go along with grey they could make a Mystery Dungeon Twilight. I always wanted a partner game of ranger. Just like how black and white are almost the same game I want the same kind of thing with...
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    BW/BW2 The Battle Now! Thread

    Anyone want to battle? Code is in my profile
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    5 Gen Competitive Play

    So far I have a lead if sableye that works well with my victini and Kerudio. I plan to use a perversity Jalorda as my subseeder because I just don't have fun playing erufuun.
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    BW/BW2 Pokemon Black and White U.S Names(guess)

    hmm im guessin snivy tepig oshawott dont ask me why i choose thos XD but seriously i think zorua will be zora and Janovy will be smugleaf
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    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    I need to post here more. Here are my ranks (note that I love them all these are just the ranks for me. 1. Oshawott (at first this name seemed weird but now I love it! Just imagine Oshawott saying his name! I'm surprised that Pokemon USA chose a better name than what everyone here said!)...
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    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    Unova is honestly a interesting name. It makes since and is catchy. I wonder what they willcall hiun city?
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    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    @tsuki So true! I 1st gen and 5th gen were switched everything would be the same!