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    News 'Lucario-GX Box' in February!

    Well, at least the art is nice. Well, maybe this could be a against Espeon EX in Fighting decks, or work with Fates Collide Lucario w/ Drampa GX.
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    Discussion Crimson Invasion - The Rogue Deck Set?

    Milotic/Fini GX could be an amazing combo. We have loads of water support, and you could easily get a turn 2 win.
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    Standard Memelord Featuring a Cottonball

    I would take out the Guzman and super rod and replace with random recover. But that'should just me.
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    News 'Ultra Beast GX Premium Collections,' Pheromosa, Celesteela, Xurkitree-GX!

    Xurtree's gx attack is Lightning GX Celesteelas is Blaster GX
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    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    Though many decks can OHKO mismagius quickly.
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    Discussion Your Craziest, Silliest, Deck.

    How does it work? It seems really cool. And, I personally would like to try it
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    Discussion Your Craziest, Silliest, Deck.

    Oops. Miscounted. -4 fire energy.
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    News Alolan Exeggutor-GX from SM4 Revealed!

    The first attack is good snipe.
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    Discussion What Different Pokemon Supporters, Items and Stadiums do You Want to See?

    I'd like Exeggutor Island to have something to do with alolan forms, perhaps healing or free retreat. But, more patches or a patch-related supporter would be cool. But, I really, really, want a mohn supporter that was like Giovanni scheme, or have something to do with UBs
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    Help What Will Replace N

    In my Owls/Ninetales GX decklist, I found that running Wicke was better than Ilima, but N is the way to go, until rotation. Edit: stupid autocorrect.
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    Discussion Your Craziest, Silliest, Deck.

    Hello, so me and a few friends was brainstorming deck ideas, and my friend came up with a really "Interesting" one. It was a Flareon deck. It went like so: 4x Flareon EX 4x Tapu lele Gx 4x Kiawie 48x Fire Energy so, the only way to set up would be all 4 Tapu Leles, and a single flareon, and...
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    opened a lot of burning shadows, still only holos. why can't I just get a Gx!? Only BUS Ultra...

    opened a lot of burning shadows, still only holos. why can't I just get a Gx!? Only BUS Ultra rare I have is FA Plumeria. BUS is BUSted.
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    News Worlds 2018 in Nashville

    Yes! I can finally affordably go to Worlds!
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    News Ravaged Plains from SM4 Revealed!

    Wait. With DCE, wouldn't it only be 2 energy attachments? also, the art reminds me of a B&W Raichu. I forget which one though.
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    Standard Darkrai EX/GX (Post-Rotation)

    I would take out 2 Exp. Share, and add 1 Rayquaza GUR, and 1 Yveltal Break STS, but that's just my opinion.
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    News 'Silvally Box' and 'Marshadow Box' in November!

    Sillvaly will probably be like Tauros GX or Drampa GX.
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    Discussion Reshiram from Shining Legends

    My fault for not reading the English translation. Also, Battle Compresser or luck will be what I'll use.
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    Got 3 packs from local cardshop. They were Sun and Moon base. Pulled Umbreon GX, RH Dragonite, and Tauros GX HR. 2 months later, bought 6 packs of Guardians Rising. I got RA & FA Tapu Koko GX, and a Tapu Lele GX. =)