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  1. ShadowMoses05

    News Strengthening Expansion Pack, Best of XY Pack, and Ash VS Team Rocket Deck!

    So Japan gets a FA of M Camerupt and M Sharpedo yet the promo boxes we just received in the states only contained regular art versions of them with a stupid reprint of the original Camerupt and Sharpedo. Why does TCPi treat anyone outside of Japan so shitty
  2. ShadowMoses05

    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    I know for the most part that you will never attack with this but 3 energy for 50 damage is bad
  3. ShadowMoses05

    Pokémon Art Academy Competition Winners Chosen! Congrats to all those that won!
  4. ShadowMoses05

    New 'Magikarp and Gyarados Make-Believe Pikachu Box!'

    I just signed up for Sunyshore to try and get this item from them but I can't find a TCG section on their site, do you know where the item would be listed? I'm really excited to get these and add them to the full art collection
  5. ShadowMoses05

    Looking For Help to Redeem Promo Rayquaza EX Codes in Japan

    The new set of cards "Emerald Break" came with codes in each pack of cards, if you were lucky you would open some that said 1 point on them. Once you collect 3 of these you can mail them out to get a shiny Rayquaza EX promo. I have 18 of these codes to redeem but unfortunately you must live in...
  6. ShadowMoses05

    Collecting The Foreign Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    I know, we were really shocked to see that especially because out of all the XY sets this is the first time pulling any UR. Now to try and finish the set with singles.
  7. ShadowMoses05

    Collecting The Foreign Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    Not sure if posting pictures here is allowed or not but I opened 3 boxes of Emerald Break, here's the pulls: 8 RR EX: Latias, Gallade, 2x M Gallade, M Rayquaza, Thundurus, 2x Hydreigon 1 SR: Winnona 2 UR: Energy Switch, VS Seeker
  8. ShadowMoses05

    Ancient Trait Altaria, Altaria, and Nincada from ‘Emerald Break’ [2/26]

    Where do you see that at, the translation only says Colorless pokemon, also the card only shows the colorless type symbol.
  9. ShadowMoses05

    (2) M Rayquaza-EX/Togepi from Emerald Break, Video: New Hoopa Movie Trailer! [3/4]

    I think we found that $30+ card in this new set....dat Togepi
  10. ShadowMoses05

    Rare Lot of 1st Edition 'Base Set' Boxes Hits eBay [2/26]

    First of all what does that have to do with the topic in question? You went from making a good point about the price of the boxes to a really stupid one about collectors. Secondly a lot of MtG collectors also buy one or two boxes and then buy singles of the ones theyre missing, which is...
  11. ShadowMoses05

    Ancient Trait Altaria, Altaria, and Nincada from ‘Emerald Break’ [2/26]

    Forget the cards, gimme that Mega Rayquaza coin!
  12. ShadowMoses05

    Night March Variants

    RE: Night March Just curious, has anyone attempted a Night March deck with Vilify Weavile yet? I could be wrong but there seems to be some really good synergy there.
  13. ShadowMoses05

    Aromatisse Variants

    I strongly believe that Dedenne PHF should be added to the list of possible pokemon to include, for 2 reasons. His first attack can help fill up the bench which is something you need to do quickly with a fairy deck and his second attack is one of the strongest conters to Lugia EX/Yveltal EX.
  14. ShadowMoses05

    Rayquaza Spirit Link, Steven Translation Revealed! [2/13]

    Well the hype for this card was short lived. At least just make it any energy instead of just basic.
  15. ShadowMoses05

    May's English Set: 'Roaring Skies', First Info Revealed! [2/10]

    Well I think with the news of the Rayquaza's today we possibly know what the 4 Megas are going to be. M. Rayquaza EX (colorless) M. Rayquaza EX (dragon) M. Latios EX (confirmed already) M. Latias EX I just can't picture them making a M. Latios without also including M. Latias, as for the...
  16. ShadowMoses05

    'Pokemon Art Academy' TCG Illustrator Competition [2/12]

    Well I can think about is that we're about to see some of the most expensive cards to ever be produced. I was at PAX this year and the cards against humanities people printed out special cards for the people that attended their panel, I think it was about 12 cards total, they were selling on...
  17. ShadowMoses05

    ‘CoroCoro’ Reveals Hoopa Movie Details, Distributions, ‘Emerald Break’ Cards [2/11]

    Aw man that's a shame, I wish there was store that's as decently priced as amiami that we could get these promo items from with our purchase. I bought 4 boxes of the last set from a user here but missed out on those nice Gardevoir sleeves that were given out with every 2 box purchase because...
  18. ShadowMoses05

    ‘CoroCoro’ Reveals Hoopa Movie Details, Distributions, ‘Emerald Break’ Cards [2/11]

    I'm not sure where to ask this, so I'll do it here. In regards to the Steven card being given with the purchase of 2 boxes, does AmiAmi get these types of items? I just ordered 3 Emerald Break boxes with them and would like to know if they'll provide the promo card.
  19. ShadowMoses05

    XY5 'Gaia Volcano' and 'Tidal Storm' Leaking! [12/10]

    You say that like you know for sure without looking at the facts. First of all every FA card that Japan got in previous sets has been part of the numbered cards in English, with the exception of the Gold Zekrom/Reshiram and Silver Dialga. Secondly the Japanese sets come out to a total of 140...
  20. ShadowMoses05

    XY5 'Gaia Volcano' and 'Tidal Storm' Leaking! [12/10]

    This set looks so good, I'm honestly considering buying a case because of how many Ultra Rare cards we will get. Also just as a reminder to everyone that FA cards in Japan are considered SR but not in the English sets so those FA megas wont be as hard to get a hold of as the gold switch, e...