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    Next Destinies Shiftry Banned!

    It wasn't as exploitable as it is now, with Broken Vine Space... ops, Forest of Giant Plants. Back them, you couldn't pull a Shiftry in T1 and shuffle your opponent pokemon away without them even drawing their first card.
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    Ancient Swampert Deck (Miltank / Swampert / Keldeo)

    RE: Ancient Swampert Deck (Miltank / Swampert / Keldeo BCR)) Swampert attaches 2, not 3. Alpha Growth lets you attach 2 energy INSTEAD of 1, not 1 PLUS another 2. I see too many people thinking that way, that is not how it works. Other than that, your ideias seem good, but you will probably...
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    Bats n' Bees! (Vespiquen / Crobat)

    Wobbuffet does that better, being basic, having a great ability and synergysing with Dimension Valley, which is great in Crobat decks.
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    Gengar and Friends (Gengar EX / Manectric EX / Sigilyph)

    Actually, only Sigilyphs, but I guess I could squeeze a couple of Outrages in there, picking 2 of the 3 or maybe picking one and running 2 cards of it, depending on the meta you are facing... My list runs a quite simple and straight foward line: 3 Gengar, 2-2-2 MManectric, 2 Sigilyph and one...
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    Gengar and Friends (Gengar EX / Manectric EX / Sigilyph)

    I played something like this for a while and got an amazing result. I found that removing trevenant and wobbuffet altogether and adding Mega Manectric proved to be both faster and more reliable. What do you think about it?
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    Blastoise / Black Kyurem EX / Kyurem

    I played this deck for the last rotation. I got up to the point of having it go head-to-head with some VirGen and YSG decks. Here is the list I used: It hasn't been updated to Phantom Forces, however. Feel...
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    Gengar and Friends (Gengar EX / Manectric EX / Sigilyph)

    RE: GenTric (Gengar EX / Manectric EX / Sigilyph / Robo Sub) I like the idea and play something alike... Still, I find three problems with your list. 1. Too dependant on special energy. Aegislash is becoming a thing steadly and Hammers + Xerosic are all around. How do you solve that? 2. 3 Psy...
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    Swiss Eevee (Vaporeon / Flareon / Leafeon / Espeon)

    I used to use jolteon against Yveltal... It can hit for lots os damage and, in case it doesn't kill it, it forbbids Yveltal to attack in the next turn. Also, about the speed, YSG decks are fast enough to outspeed you, so are VirGens and Landario decks... You might get Flareon or Vaporeon to...
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    Eevee Turbo for 2015 (Flareon / Espeon / Leafeon / Jolteon / Glaceon)

    If you are adding Plasma Energies, 1 Genesect EX for its ability may be proven worth. Other than that, you could add Thundurus EX Plasma or Kyurem Plasma, it works, but the deck becomes a twisted version of TDK and Kyurem will do most of the job, which defeats the purpose of the Eevee Evolutions.
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    Mienshao Loop for 2015 (Mienshao / Hitmontop / Lopunny)

    If you are talking about Robo Substitute, they can ONLY be put in your bench. They are trainers until played, which makes impossible to start the game with them. They become pure, unretreating 30HP Basics once they are played, which can only happen when you can play an item, meaning you can't...
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    Swiss Eevee (Vaporeon / Flareon / Leafeon / Espeon)

    I have been trying to make this work... The only problem I had so far was the frailty that Eevee evolutions have... Any EX ready to swing makes them kick the bucket rather quickly... How do you go around this?
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    GENGEIST (Gengar EX / Gourgeist)

    Just remember they can't be used as starting pokémons. But they actually fit quite nicely with the theme. Pokemon Fan Club and Scoops are really needed just so you can fix a Joltik only start. Running 17 basics, but making them 4 joltiks and 2 (!) Celebis is asking for a bad start. My Ballista...
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    Gengar Wobbuffet 1-2 Punch (Gengar EX / Wobbuffet / Dusknoir)

    Pygohan, your idea makes some sense... I might try it, I figure Virbank can make a huge difference against some match-ups. Gengar master, I figured you suggested common Manectric EX, not the mega... Including the mega takes at least another 2 spaces (for the mega ifself and a Spirit link) that...
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    Gengar Wobbuffet 1-2 Punch (Gengar EX / Wobbuffet / Dusknoir)

    Guess Manectric could work as a Tech in this deck... Still, we would need to make room for Lightining or Rainbow energy... How is your list going, Gengar Master?
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    GENGEIST (Gengar EX / Gourgeist)

    You realize your list is a bait to a Joltik-only start, right? I would try to squeeze in 1 or 2 Pokémon Fan Club, just so you can get the right basics to hit while you focus on discarding the night-marchers.
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    Gengar Wobbuffet 1-2 Punch (Gengar EX / Wobbuffet / Dusknoir)

    I just got myself a Phantom Forces booster box and bought the missing Gengar EX from Ebay. Once they arrive I will be readying up something like this list you made. I let you people know how it performs.
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    Eeveelutions (Espeon / Leafeon / Jolteon / Vaporeon / Flareon)

    Thanks for your answer! I am looking forward to play around with an eevee list in this season, too bad I won't have it ready for my area's regionals.
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    Eeveelutions (Espeon / Leafeon / Jolteon / Vaporeon / Flareon)

    Tuxedo, I have been trying to put up a list to use in the next regionals to happen on 15th, Nov. So far I am going for something like Thundurus EX, Kyurem Plasma, Jolteon (holds almost every meta deck), Glaceon (Retreat and solid Pyroar + Landorus counter) and Flareon (VirGen is a solid meta...
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    Hydro (M Blastoise EX / Blastoise / Dusknoir)

    I played with Blastoise a lot and I can say it is pretty hard and slow to get both Blastoise and Dusknoir ready. Add to that the fact that your main attacker is a Mega and you have yourself an extremely slow deck that suffers against Garbordor and item lock, which are pretty much the top of the...
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    Gengar EX / Trevenant

    joleson490 has a point, but you could also run Garbordor and add tools to the list, instead of running Pyroar. Find something to take your beating when Gengar U-turns and you are good to go.