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    The Unsung Heroes of Standard

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    After 21 Years, Kadabra Officially Returning to the Pokemon TCG in “Pokemon Card 151!”

    Kanto has some of the best designed Pokemon in the series so I'm all for this set. It's good to have the family back together again.
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    Four Surprising Top Tier 2 Decks

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    Contest January 2023 CaC: New Year, New Type II (Sign-ups Open!)

    Reminder that you guys only have a couple days left to submit. I'm still the only image entry and while I'm cool with taking the back to back gold, I'd rather earn it. Still don't even have a top 3 in text...
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    TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: High Stakes

    I would say so. The Pokemon B rule was eventually changed from a 50% immunity from damage to a 50% prize denial on kill. That way it still made them a risk to go after, but didn't make them obnoxious walls to potentially hide behind. Guess the old Baby rule was a bit too much... Wobbuffet was...
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    Contest January 2023 CaC: New Year, New Type II (Sign-ups Open!)

    Also, you guys, it would be very helpful if you post your reasonings for turning your entry into your chosen type. Selling it will help you earn those creativity points. (Just don't edit your post, for the love of all things waifu.)
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    Contest January 2023 CaC: New Year, New Type II (Sign-ups Open!)

    Yep, I been a fan for a long time. You're right that the aura itself isn't a 1:1 copy to SSJ3 buuuuuuuuuut I'm pretty sure I'll get a pass for it since it would be kind of (read as: monstrously) dumb to see a Lucario with SSJ3 Goku hair.
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    GLC Part 3 – The Best and Most Fun Deck

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    Klawf ex, Brassius, Houndstone, Eevee Gym Promos Revealed!

    It's almost like they didn't do those things specifically because the Ability is good and Rock Chestplate is a thing that exists. I'm sorry it's not the meta-defining SS-tier card you think it should be, but at least it's a passable ex.
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    Why Stop At One? — My Top Four Standard Lists

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    Truly Amazing – Lost Box Now and in the Future

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    Lost Box Has Reached Its Final Form

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    A Mythical Melody — The Return of Fusion Mew

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    The Darkest Day Again — The Return of Eternatus VMAX

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    Contest January 2023 CaC: New Year, New Type II (Sign-ups Open!)

    That was a rule from years ago, when we had tons of people wanting to sign up for one category and people who signed up but didn't submit were taking opportunities for those who wanted to join but couldn't because we hit the cap. That's not a thing anymore, and we have no-shows every month. It's...
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    Contest January 2023 CaC: New Year, New Type II (Sign-ups Open!)

    Categories don't fill up. You're good.
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    Contest November 2022 CaC: Scarlet & Violet (Stay Tuned for Results!)

    This isn't the first time I've won with a simple Pokemon. If you've ever wanted to get into image-based by didn't because you thought you could never win, just look at this post and have some faith in yourself. A great idea and an interesting take can get you the gold also fix your wording...