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  1. Kietharr

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    Ditto will see play in most stage 1 decks because it can work as a basic for not just your main stage 1s but also any tech stage 1s you want to add like zebrastrika, muk, ect. Zebra will see a ton of play for obvious reasons in a format with limited draw support, and sightseer will join Cynthia...
  2. Kietharr

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    You can use as many as you want per turn, the main issue I see with this deck is Slugma feels like a constraining factor. Ideally you want 2 GX and 2 normal Maggies in play so you can get 2 uses of each ability, plus a manual attachment so you can stream attacks turn after turn. Turtornator will...
  3. Kietharr

    Zeraora-GX from SM7a Revealed!

    So those electric support cards are incredible, electric is a type again. Mountain can only be bumped by another stadium, and stadiums aren't easy to find on-demand without Skyla around. This lets Zorocat hit for base 160 for LC iirc, 190 with choice band which is perfect for killing Buzzwole...
  4. Kietharr

    Discussion No GX or EX tournament

    Either Greninja BREAK or Empoleon, Garchomp might be nice too.
  5. Kietharr

    Major 'Pokemon Switch' Rumors Today -- A Breakdown and Analysis!

    I think the main worry with these games is if they do well, like in other franchises that have done the 'casual/hardcore split', you will start seeing more casual branch features imported into the hardcore branch until they're indistinguishable from one another. This is the first mainline...
  6. Kietharr

    Winning Deck Lists from Japan Championships, Japan's Tourney Format Changing!

    I hope they keep us aligned honestly, it's befuddling that the international format both gets cards later and removes cards earlier than in Japanese Standard. Surprised to see no DDE whatsoever in Rayquaza lists but I guess max elixir and the ability are enough. Rayquaza actually has some...
  7. Kietharr

    Help Fairy/Fighting Deck Construction

    Absolutely. I made my suggestions assuming you were interested in playing a deck that worked sort of like Garde PRC, but Gardevoir-GX is actually a pretty competitive deck right now. It's not been that popular in the meta recently but is 3rd place in total challenge points earned this...
  8. Kietharr

    Help Fairy/Fighting Deck Construction

    Megas in general are not very good right now, this is mostly because 1. Field Blower makes it hard to keep spirit links on 2. GX cards have largely powercrept them, and the lack of access to choice band really hurts their damage:energy ratios compared to GX cards 3. Rotation took away mega...
  9. Kietharr

    Discussion Buzzwole after Rotation. Still a Contender or Fallen off the Wayside?

    Buzzwole is still a card with some very nasty power play potential, Lisia gives the card a very consistent way to hit beast energy and diancie t1 which lets you donk any basic. I think you'll need to find new partners, beast box might actually be a thing, but I can't see this card not having at...
  10. Kietharr

    Discussion How Good will Ray-GX Variants be in a Post-Rotation Meta?

    I think you need to look at a non-conventional engine for this because Bulu is flat out better as a Vikavolt acceleration target. Maybe even the mostly forgotten Dragonair SUM in conjunction with Lady. You need 6 energy on the field to get OHKOs out and Lady gets you to 4. I think there's...
  11. Kietharr

    Discussion Is Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar the new BDIF?

    Short answer: Yeah Long answer: PTCG card design is locked into a power creep spiral atm and basically every set since SM base, with the exception of SM5 has given us a new BDIF, the tier 1 decks shift with every set, probably because TPCI wants to shift more packs of new sets to prevent...
  12. Kietharr

    Help What are Some Good Standard Budget Decks (between 0-100 packs worth)

    100 packs will get you any standard deck you want online, Lele is about 20-25ish and you seldom need more than two, the rest of your deck put together will usually cost less than your Leles.
  13. Kietharr

    Discussion (2019-On) What Supporters will we Use?

    Staples - Cynthia - 4 of every deck Guzma - 3 or 4 every deck Steven - 1 of every deck except Kiawe decks, this is basically the ideal t1 play for most non-Kiawe decks. Copycat - At least 1 in every deck, higher counts in metas with higher Zoroark presence Judge - Most decks will want to run...
  14. Kietharr

    Discussion Forgotten Altaria

    People are generally aware of the attack, why it's not used is 1. Decks that take advantage of this are evolution heavy decks already, and when you keep pumping up your pokemon count past around 18-20, you start seeing pretty big drops in consistency, and as it's an evolution, you need at least...
  15. Kietharr

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    Pokemon: Anything not mentioned is filler imo Trainers:
  16. Kietharr

    Discussion Tapu Lele+Brigette combo Substitute

    Nest Balls, Brooklet Hill for decks with W/F basics, Mysterious Treasure for decks with P/N basics, Alolan Vulpix is good for evolution heavy decks, and higher N/Sycamore/Cynthia counts to make up for the lack of ultra ball/Lele pathways to them. Even with Lele I typically recommend running a...
  17. Kietharr

    New Deoxys, Written Label Gym Promos in Japan!

    Return label might see some use in expanded, not just against night march because obviously there are better options against that. VS seeker means that people tend to run pretty low supporter counts, so doing something like tossing a compressor'd Guzma back into their deck can prevent a bench...
  18. Kietharr

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    It's okay. I think its ability lets you use Steven without ending your turn if its active, and the attack is 60, then deals another 60 damage the next turn. That new stadium, if I'm interpreting it right, is like Faded town but works against ALL EX/GX instead of just megas, but only places 1...
  19. Kietharr

    Discussion Spoons in Malamar?

    There's no sense in any tech against Greninja aside from Tina promo. Spoons are pretty meh because they're easy to field blower, and Greninja always runs high counts of them to deal with Garb. They don't work if you attach them to a pokemon already under the effects of shadow stitching on the...
  20. Kietharr

    Discussion Going Second in PTCG

    Basic decks that have a one attachment attack like Buzzwole or Volcanion, and Eeveelution decks like Sylveon don't mind second turn, but any deck that depends on evolutions you can't get around the normal evo rules with will want to move first.