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    Solrock, Lunatone Art Rares from “VSTAR Universe!”

    im literally obsessed with these and will need them immediately no cap
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    New “VSTAR Universe” Cards Revealed, Including Hatterene VMAX!

    i will actually die for a full art friends of hisui
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    More Reprints and 15 “Art Rare” Cards Revealed from “VSTAR Universe!”

    The numel ditto and the galarian zapdos is so iconic
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    Alternate Art Lugia V, Regidrago V from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    that alternate regidrago is so cute lmao reminds me of winnie the pooh for some reason
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    All 98 “Paradigm Trigger” Cards Revealed!

    Poor Minior and Primarina line , absolutely robbed
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    Spinarak, Ariados from ‘Paradigm Trigger’!

    am i wrong or has ariados and spin been getting cards in every set lmao
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    Pokemon Center’s TCG Merchandise for October Revealed!

    loveeeee the pikaclone mat!!!