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  1. superdan51

    News 'Dark Order,' Japan's October Mini-Set!

    Am I the only one that sees the Alolan Muk/Garb deck potential? Evolve 3 and you get to look through 18 cards, I mean its pretty busted if there ever becomes a way to pick them back up
  2. superdan51

    'Charisma of the Wrecked Sky,' Japan's SM7 Set Announced!

    Id probably assume you run a Emboar sort of play. Lots of professor letter, Superior energy retrieval, 3 Exeggcute. Play it kind of like a Deluge Blastoise deck.
  3. superdan51

    News Legendary Pokemon Distributions, TCG Products Announced for 2018: Explains Some Things!

    Im gonna reply to this and end it here, as @crystal_pidgeot said it seems that you aren't reading our replies and just staying blind to the real issue N provides to the game. Yes the card does need to leave, that's it. Its not like ultra ball where its a staple that really doesn't break the...
  4. superdan51

    News Legendary Pokemon Distributions, TCG Products Announced for 2018: Explains Some Things!

    @RedSuinit I personally don't think you've ever played the TCG competitively with the points you're making. N has been in the format for a long time right now. It needs to leave for the TCG to progress as a game. If you make a game that doesn't mechanically change for a long time, you'll just...
  5. superdan51

    News Japan's December Sets: 'Ultra Sun' and 'Ultra Moon!'

    I believe the last three will be the tree sinnoh starters. I dont think theyll add any Alola pokemon for a while.
  6. superdan51

    News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'

    It is but dont expect it to follow suit here in NA, it will almost 100% not be reprinted.
  7. superdan51

    Standard Shining Genesect/Virizion/Venusaur

    Oh no, I looked at your list, its very close to what I run apart from a few changes. I ran 3 Float to make sure that if Venusuar got locked into the active I wouldnt have to rely on Guzma or in your case the one switch. I ran Rare Candy to run it kind of like the VikaBulu. The last difference I...
  8. superdan51

    Standard Shining Genesect/Virizion/Venusaur

    Ive been testing this deck quite a bit on PTCGO and its underwhelming. Its not like bulu that requires just one energy attachement + Vikavolt to hit up to 210. This needs 3 Energy with little to no chance of survival each turn, Venusuar, and Choice band to hit just 200. On paper its great, it...
  9. superdan51

    Standard Furious Box (Buzzwole GX / Sudowoodo / Carbink Break)

    There is way too many energy in this list. With energy acceleration in the form of carbink, I dont think you need more than 12. I think 4 Strong + 8 basic is a good amount, but personally I wouldnt run more than 7 Basic. I also dont see why you arent running Regirock EX. It fixes a lot of the...
  10. superdan51

    News Japan's SM4+ Set: 'GX Battle Boost!'

    The Pokemon TCG Labs and the Pokemon VG division have very little intertwining. They know the basics of the Pokemon, but as for exact stats and in-game traits they could really care less. The TCG has very little history of being on par with the VG. There are things like Wailord, and Charizards...
  11. superdan51

    News Full English 'Shining Legends' Set List!

    Shining Pokemon do not have reverse holos. They are textured like the DEX Secret rares.
  12. superdan51

    News Full English 'Shining Legends' Set List!

    So maybe that guy selling the Shining Genesect for 30$ lowballed it pretty hard. I want to make the S-Genesect + Venusaur deck but it looks like itll cost a hell of a lot more than I originally thought :/
  13. superdan51

    News New Halloween Playmat, Pikachu/Mimikyu and Pikachu Scroll Painting Binders!

    I went to pay and just as I finished putting my card through it said sold out :( Ill have to buy one on ebay now
  14. superdan51

    Discussion Broken Cards...

    Yep thats on me, I misread what it said. Autocorrect threw in the wrong word
  15. superdan51

    Ruling Mr. Mime Bench Barrier

    The only pokemon that can block those effects is Bronzong FAC. Itll block all damage and effects of attacks. It works really well in stage 2 decks to avoid the Po Town + Miraculous shine play.
  16. superdan51

    Help Viable replacement for LELE GX

    I would wait until Zoroark GX comes out, and then use that. Its not perfect, but it does grab 2 cards for one discard, and that stacks. You could be drawing an extra 8 cards a turn at max.
  17. superdan51

    News UB Burst and UB Assembly Revealed on Nintendo Direct!

    No most likely not, it took us 4 sets to finally get the current UB's. I would expect these to be thrown into either SM5, SM6, or SM7. I would expect the US UM GX's to be the three starters, Wings of Dusk, Mane of Dawn, Lycanroc Dusk and then one other random GX that we haven't gotten yet.
  18. superdan51

    Tournament PTCGO Uncommon/Common Tourney - Finished!

    Due to school and prior commitments and just a general lack of wanting to even play PTCGO right now, im recusing myself from the tournament and Rainyman will win by technical default. Good luck to everyone, and I hope there are some good game ahead.
  19. superdan51

    News September's SM4 Set: 'The Awoken Hero' and 'The Transdimensional Beast'

    I am almost 100% sure they will release one for eveey type. If they dont id be shocked. That being said theres always the possibility that they release them two at a time like theyve been doing with the SR energies.
  20. superdan51

    Tournament PTCGO Uncommon/Common Tourney - Finished!

    Sorry? Ive been online all night. Im also not feeling very well, can we postpone this to monday night?