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    Good DS Game Suggestions

    Dragon Quest IX is pretty much an endless game. Most of the people here recommend it, and as do I. The Phoenix Wright games. Not for those of less patience, but it's really interesting and deep. GTA: Chinatown Wars is just plain awesome.
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    Community The Beach Member Picture Thread

    RE: Beach Member Picture Thread (Please don't quote images!) Amusing pic of my friend and I (on the left) wearing discount hats at Wal-Mart: Click meh
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    3DS Discussion Thread

    RE: 3DS Anyone? Yes, please. I made a whole freakin' website revolving around it, so yeah. :P It's a shame, though, that the launch games aren't particularly that great, save Super Street Fighter IV.
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    The Community Shop *Open for all requests*

    @Jayj4 Yes, that is Dave :)
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    The Community Shop *Open for all requests*

    This might be a little far out, but... 0_o -Render/Stock: Dave Grohl (of Foo Fighters) -Form of Art: Avatar -Artist: FatalAeroX I don't really mind what you do with it to make it cool, but I don't mind :D (phr33sigplz)
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    Game of the Year 2010

    Game Name: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Why: Fantastically brilliant soundtrack, beautiful graphics, maximum innovation, perfect platforming. Win on all areas. Also long. So very, very long. But absolute fun for all those hours. Other than that, I'd say Super Meat Boy, Red Dead Redemption and New Vegas. :D
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    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS

    Do want. It'd be pretty cool if they orchestrated the tunes, as Brawl did a few good examples.
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    (1) 'Black' and 'White' Wii Commercials Reveal Many New Scenes [8/31]

    Dude, they're fake. Looks pretty awesome now (the game). Nice evolution animations too.
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    The Smashers - Please Lock

    RE: The Smashers - Post if you want to stay a member - Discussing Meta Knight Meta Knight: Not as annoying as Pikachu. Every now and then, though, I like to fly around as MK. :3
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    Monster Hunter Tri

    HR 27, I use the LongSword. Though, I'm in the German infested European servers. I also have a MH3 poster in my room to show my love of the game. :P
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    But I thought "everybody" would have known about this. Really, just because you haven't played a game, it isn't decent?
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    What made CoD 5 different? The 360 version was a port of the PS3, which in turn was a port of the Wii, ad that was a port of the 360. It was made for all home consoles, not a port from the past. Oh, and you're forgetting Pikmin, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat and Mario Power Tennis were all good ports.
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    Really, TFO? What makes it so silly to play on the Wii? And apparently, CoD is a good game. As posted by many before me, it has a positive outlook towards it. And I'm nt even a CoD fan.
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    Ironic really, as you express dislike for games (Not E3) that garnered critical acclaim, but the one game you do like is Kirby and his rather mediocre titles.
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    Yep. Like Claus, I'm a Ninty Fan. And Gale, I own a PS3 and Xbox 360 as well, and they have several stellar titles up and coming (Killzone 3, Fallout New Vegas, er, that other one with guns, etc.), so if I said "It's made by Sony/Microsoft = Win" it wouldn't be out of place. Though, Gale, you do...
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    Most anticipated game of 2010-11 at E3

    Skyward Sword and 3DS. Simple. They're made by Nintendo = Win.
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    BW/BW2 new pokemon merchandise. B/W.

    I NEED those Mijumaru and Meguroko plushies! Oh yeah, and the Kibago made me LOL; he's from The Muppets. XD
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    The Smeargles of PokeBeach; closed

    RE: The Smeargles of PokeBeach; closed -not accepting requests- while we catch up [hr] Thank you for the awesome banner and avvy! =D
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    Handmade Victini and Mijumaru Plushies ~Not sure if this is the right board to post~

    Aww, they're so cute! Kudos to you for making these and I want that Miju plush! :P
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    My Nintendo 3DS Speculation

    As well as the main red, black and blue, there's orange and Funky Purple. I'll be getting blue, no doubt.