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  1. iridoo93

    Japan's March Set: 'Rebellion Crash,' Plus Toxtricity V, Charizard VMAX, Grimmsnarl VMAX!

    I love dragapult! seems like both V and V max are just decently playable! Means that they won’t be overly expensive so I could buy them :rolleyes::)
  2. iridoo93

    'Pokemon V' Mechanic Announced: Zacian V, Zamazenta V from 'Sword & Shield!'

    Already starting with a big whopping 200+ card set o_O
  3. iridoo93

    'Alter Genesis,' 'High Class Pack 2019' Sets Announced for Japan!

    Was totally unaware that guzzlord was a dragon type I just thought it was dark type
  4. iridoo93

    Several 'Dream League' Cards Revealed, Including Special Full Arts!

    If there’s anything Pokémon is 100% good at is taking my money! That full art dawn/piplup, acerola/mimikyu, and N everywhere... I NEED THEM :eek:
  5. iridoo93

    Tropius, Marshadow from 'Remix Bout!'

    OMG the blastoise and piplup alternate full art is the cutest card I’ve seen :p:)
  6. iridoo93

    'Remix Bout,' Japan's July Set!

    ANOTHER Charizard tag team???! o_O I mean will this card get to the states eventually? There’s a chance it might not? :rolleyes:
  7. iridoo93

    'Unbroken Bonds' Now Out of Print, Possible New Trend for Future Print Runs

    Well I guess it’s a good thing they’re doing this, now hopefully we won’t be getting gen 7 packs (at least not ones that will be rotated out) in the upcoming sword and shield sets like how XY packs are still being pushed after a year of rotation
  8. iridoo93

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    The psyduck and slowpoke alternate full art IS A MUST!! It’s a reference to one of my all time favorite episodes of the anime “evolution solution” and ash stating that maybe psyduck will become a “psybro” when it got clamped by shellder! lol :D:rolleyes:
  9. iridoo93

    'Hidden Fates,' Special Set Releasing in America This August!

    Wow glaceon looks the same for that shiny card can’t tell a difference to be honest lol :D
  10. iridoo93

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    Umm this honchkrow is broken AF :eek:
  11. iridoo93

    Full Metal Wall in February

    I’m buying this no questions ask it’s too cute :)
  12. iridoo93

    Five 'Kanto Friends Mini Tins' in March, Feature 'The Scream' Promos?!

    These are cute and hope that the coin is the character that the tin shows. What I hope for is that one of the two booster packs not be an XY pack. Please? :rolleyes:
  13. iridoo93

    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    Shiny zoroark looks so good! Also the AA of guzma looks better than the OG, unfortunately can’t say the same about Cynthia even if garchomp is with her! Lol shiny banette looks the same :p also shiny eevee!!! <3
  14. iridoo93

    News Japan's First 2019 Sets: 'Night Unison,' 'Full Metal Wall'

    That was emolga from XY base and I almost wanna day there was another emolga UR in legendary treasures sub set but I can’t fully recall
  15. iridoo93

    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    “Spits out water”! Wow those are a lot of SR! I already know that shiny full art charizard is most likely gonna be worth more than the RR! Really want the lycanroc GX & zoroark GX shinies though :p:rolleyes:
  16. iridoo93

    News 'Eevee-GX Box' in January!

    I’m excited for it I love eevee, gotta support my favorite Pokémon even if the card may not be any good :p
  17. iridoo93

    'Explosive Impact,' Japan's SM8 Set; Raises Questions About Switch Release

    But Sophocles is still better than Whitney! Heck you can run both and discard Whitneys with Sophocles lol
  18. iridoo93

    'Explosive Impact,' Japan's SM8 Set; Raises Questions About Switch Release

    Card looks amazing <3 too bad it’s gonna join Cynthia and guzma in the “cost you an arm and a leg” full art club :(:(:(
  19. iridoo93

    'Dragon Majesty,' Special Set Releasing in America This Fall!

    Did a double turn on that gold ultra necrozma, did not see that coming! Also isn't that hydreigon a reprint or alternate art? Its move set seems very familiar, if so idk why its in this set, like why is the torchic line in here too? :confused: Anyways I very much am looking forward to the...
  20. iridoo93

    News 'Dark Order,' Japan's October Mini-Set!

    Not super impressed with this card, it’s not anything ride home about. I think it’s first move is alright but you have to use a move to do it which can easily be disturbed by supporters like judge in standard or N in expanded. It’s second move is decent with choice band, can KO a lot of...