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  1. JMT

    Watch Live: 'Pokemon Direct' Stream for 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield!'

    Zacien is basically Zoro, and Milo is basically Mirio Togata, Change my mind.
  2. JMT

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    At this point, most of the alternate art and full art trainers are just fanservice.
  3. JMT

    'Pokemon Home,' 'Pokemon Sleep,' 'Pokemon Masters,' And More Announced!

    Pokemon Exec: *Takes rip off of bong “So, uh, like, what if, we made a Pokemon game, but you literally just sleep?”
  4. JMT

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    That’s honestly kind of insensitive. Just because some guy is old, you think he’s gonna die soon just so some paper cards can be printed out and you can buy them. I honestly think TPCi will honor the agreement they made and continue on without printing Kadabra, as suddenly printing Kadabra again...
  5. JMT

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    Some magician sued Pokémon for copying his likeness in what some might say is an offensive manner, so we won’t have another Kadabra for a very long time, if ever.
  6. JMT

    SM11 Miracle Twins!

    There’s a lot of interesting techs in this set, although a lot of them probably aren’t going to be remotely viable in the meta.
  7. JMT

    Help Counter to Celebi & Venusaur-GX

    CeleSaur stall might run a couple max potions, but the Gonzalez list is built to function without it, making it so you can heal without losing all your energies.
  8. JMT

    Help Organizing Binders and Stuff

    If you want to collect playsets entire sets, get a binder that has 4 card slots across and then go by number. So the 1st page, 1st row is the 1st card in the set, then the 2nd row is the 2nd card, etc. However, not every card is playable and if you want to get a binder of stuff to use, sort it...
  9. JMT

    Ruling Venomoth with Surge, Koga and Janine

    If I we’re to fall behind on prizes and then use a Lt. Surge’s Strategy followed by a Koga’s Trap and a Janine, would this allow Venomoth-GX to do both the extra damage and ignore damage from basic Pokemon? It seems that it should work and it sounds like a fun deck to play.
  10. JMT

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    Looking at these three cards in specific got me thinking. If you used Surge and then Koga’s Trap and then Janine, then you should get both effects, right?
  11. JMT

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    Dedenne won’t be a problem if you use all 4 electropowers and a choice band to hit for 200 damage first.
  12. JMT

    Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble from 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield!'

    Scorbunny has definitely missed more than one leg day.
  13. JMT

    Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble from 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield!'

    It looks a lot like a salamander, it’s evolutions could look very similar to Salazzle.
  14. JMT

    Bug Catcher from Family Box Set!

    Kahili is just one big fat meme at prereleases. You’ll hear kids screaming “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO” after flipping the 4th heads in a row while you’ve flipped 4 tails this match and 5 in the last one.
  15. JMT

    'Kangaskan-GX Box' in June!

    Meme Deck Time
  16. JMT

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    Can we take a moment to look at the art on Snorlax?
  17. JMT

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    And if you take too much damage, Greninja is able to put himself back in deck
  18. JMT

    'Unbroken Bonds,' May's English SM10 Set!

    If there can be 2 Muks, there can be 2 Wishiwashis
  19. JMT

    'Alolan Marowak-GX Box' in May!

    It might actually be thrown in the next set as both a RR and a Full Art.
  20. JMT

    Discussion Any particular way to pull off the Morgan combo?

    The best way to pull it off is probably through an attack that searches, or maybe Lt. Surge, Steven's Resolve with Metagross to find 3 of the 4, assuming you already have 1, and then Morgan, although we'll have to wait for next set for Surge and you'll need to sacrifice a Pokemon for Surge to work.