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  1. Giuseppe

    (1) Leaked 'Black' and 'White' Pokemon Information [9/10]

    Do you all know how hilarious it would be if all of this was fake? Ahhhh, I can imagine it now.... so many people, jupped into submission....
  2. Giuseppe

    (1) Three New Pokemon Revealed on 'Oha Suta' [7/30]

    When I saw the music contests, I was like, What!? All was remedied when I saw Tsutarja dressed like a dracula.
  3. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 New Type Combos

    I fire/water pokemon could be one of them there bioluminescent fish that live in the deep. Sort of like Chinchou and Lanturn but Fire instead of electric. It could work via some sort of enzyme that ignites or explodes upon contact with water... like how sodium or other alkaline metals do.
  4. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 New Type Combos

    Wormadam Trash Cloak and Forretress say hi. So does Drifblim and Drifloon. I like the rest of them though.
  5. Giuseppe

    Tiny Look at Pokemon: Best Wishes Preview for Next Week's Episode!

    While Bestu Wishuwizu makes Mijumaru look cuter, I haven't liked the anime since the first season... when I was little.
  6. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 New Type Combos

    I don't care what the new ones are, just as long as there's a lot of them.
  7. Giuseppe

    (1) 'Black' and 'White' Video Footage: Intro, Starter Battles, Pokemon Battles [7/23]

    I don't know if anyone has already pointed out that Musharna had different music than the rest of the battles, which I assume to be Rival and Wild. Maybe it was a normal trainer song? Or something else, considering Musharna's importance?
  8. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 B/W Pokemon based on?

    I've read somewhere that Rankurusu is based of a water bear. A water bear is a microscopic organism that "crystallizes itself in sugar" when it's environment is unfavorable, and they are the only organisms known to man that can survive the vacuum of space (they even laid eggs). I knew what a...
  9. Giuseppe

    (1) 'Black' and 'White' Video Footage: Intro, Starter Battles, Pokemon Battles [7/23]

    Man, I was all for the dynamic camera, but after seeing those videos, I'm gonna need some time to get used to the constant... dynamicalness, 'cuz that gave me a head-ache. Love the music though. And Mijumaru's sudden karate stance, that was cool.
  10. Giuseppe

    (1) New Pokemon, Mamanbō, Revealed on 'Oha Suta' [7/22]

    Luvdisc evolves into some wingafied cupid-angel? I'm in. If this isn't a Luvdisc evo, Pokemon company has serious problems. Magic has happened here today.
  11. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Luvdisc Evolution Confirmed?

    Look Mr. B, an angel!
  12. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Is Isshu Shanghai, NYC ,or none?

    Regardless of Hoenn, there's no desert in Shanghai either.
  13. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Is Isshu Shanghai, NYC ,or none?

    I looked again, and that large island, Chongming I think, that I believe to be the equivalent of the central landmass of Isshu is basically nothing but farmland. And the "southernmost" tip is not a skyscraping port city.
  14. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Is Isshu Shanghai, NYC ,or none?

    I just compaired New York and Shanghai to Isshu, and you would have to be daft to not see it's closer to New York then Shanghai. New York even has that little isthmus at the bottom of the rightmost landmass. Also, wooguru.
  15. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 The Isshu Region Speculation Thread (now with new larger map!)

    RE: The Isshu Region Speculation Thread I believe Isshu is based of New York rather than Songhai because of Wargle. Red, white, and blue... Bald eagle... Native American head dress...
  16. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Dialogue

    I've always wondered what they were saying in those screenshots.
  17. Giuseppe

    BW/BW2 Evil team (Accidentally) revealed? (Mods, close this topic please.)

    RE: Evil team (Accidentally) revealed? Maybe his intentions aren't as pure as we thought?
  18. Giuseppe

    Is there alien life?

    Life can live wherever it wants to, just today I read something about complex (multicellular) life existed one and a half billion years before scientists previously thought. I remember reading something a while ago about shrimp living under the north Atlantic ice or something to that effect...
  19. Giuseppe

    Where do you like to eat

    I really like the High Cotton Grill, I've enjoyed everything I've eaten there except for this sandwich filled with this shrimp covered in this really weird sauce, made my teeth itch and my tongue hurt. They also have the best ribs I've ever eaten.
  20. Giuseppe

    (1) Clear Scans of July's 'CoroCoro' Magazine [7/13]

    I don't think lolita girl has a prevo, seeing as you catch it directly in the wild.