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  1. JonB1999

    “Incandescent Arcana” Set Featuring Alolan Vulpix VSTAR Officially Revealed!

    Have they done it? The first Serena Card in the TCG... and it took only 8 years :D
  2. JonB1999

    Machamp VMAX and Kleavor VSTAR from ‘Time Gazer’ and ‘Space Juggler!’

    Oh I really hope that machamp becomes a character rare with bea.
  3. JonB1999

    Additional Pokemon Center TCG Merch Revealed for December!

    Oh that looks very nice, with all that little details, like the dolls from the gym trainers.
  4. JonB1999

    All ‘VMAX Climax’ Secret Rares Revealed!

    I like the idea thar every gym trainer got an card with a ball, even if I had hoped that these atworks would be applied to the rare league cards. I'm still a little undecided what I would have found better. But I´m really happy that every gym trainer got an alternative full art card.