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  • Zyflair, DNA used to have you in his bio. And you have quite a big reputation as a veteran, believe me:).
    ... is that you? Don't know if you remember me too well, but I was AoH. Great to see you back :)
    Darn! So much for my elaborate scheming; I should have just saved the picture and not just the URL when I had the chance.
    Thanks anyway, though...
    ...and also for appreciating my usertitle! :D
    An hour or so later spent in GIMP...

    On a side note, I can't see this image anymore. Is it possible for you to snag it to be uploaded somewhere else?
    Zyflair, ah, you wonderful human being!

    Let's see...

    ~Smiling preferred, though that's not a requirement
    ~Something transparent or easily made so preferred, though again that's not a requirement (my boredom may take over enough to make a banner out of it)
    ~Bright(-ish) colors
    ~Has all or at least most of the body present in the picture
    ~Doesn't look like something generic (I have the greatest respect for Sugimori but his works are so plain)
    ~Hopefully by itself in the image, not paired with another Pokemon. If that can't be helped, the other one mustn't get in the way.
    ~Not in some unusual pose
    ~...I think you kinda know what I like, right? If you want I can try and think of more details.
    Zyflair, I poked around for a Nympheon one as well, but I didn't find one that matched my style well (read: it usually involves me being able to make a banner out of it).

    Ironically enough, the one who drew one that was most suited to my criteria...was Xous.
    Zyflair, I know it's a sideshot. And the bit about it being flat is mostly its head and upper torso. I feel like I could draw a straight vertical line along them and not be interrupted.

    Although the artist does do great work. Like this. This looks like a confession screenshot out of Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's that good.
    Zyflair, the front of its body looks like it ran into a wall. It's so...flat. It's a good drawing, but that flat front is just really off-putting.
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