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  • Update: 23 may 2015,Change my profile picture. Add new pic that draw by myself yesterday and colour it today. They're my signature pokemon
    OK . Let me introduce myself . My name is Yammark . I'm a gym leader who use water and ice type pokemon .

    My signature pokemon is ...

    1.Ducklett/Swanna - I've grow in a small village and it have a group of big teal(water duck bird) who fly more than 1000 kilometre from china . They escape the winter from china to stay at little lake of our village . I went to walk around and saw the teal , saw the view of little lake . They come every year of the winter . One day Black/White represent this teal to a pokemon . I'm suddenly know this will be one of my signature pokemon . I'm also love the concept of Ducklett evolve to Swanna , i know it's base on The Ugly Duckling fairy tale . In my real life I'm also really relate to this fairy tale as well .

    2. Tirtouga/Carracosta - I'm admire someone secretly which that person have some kind of thing relate to a turtle . Since i always love the fossil pokemon , i love dinosaur story . So when Black/White represent this turtle dinosaur i'm suddenly know this will be one of my signatur pokemon .

    3. Amaura/Aurorus - Since i was a kid . I love to read , saw dinosaur story .My dad and mom always buy the book of dinosaur for me . Long neck dinosaur is one of my favourite dinosaur . I've been hope someday long neck dinosaur to appear in Pokemon game . But I'm also worry at the same time because if they long neck dinosaur became pokemon . It will be Rock/Normal . Since i only use water and ice type . It won't be my team at all . But XY have represent long neck dinosaur and it have ice type in it . I'm so much happy that day . I'm still remember that day clearly it is 11 september 2013 when CoroCoro leak . The picture still didn't come out it had only text reveal which said ''It lists two fossil Pokémon, Chigorasu (チゴラス) which is Rock/Dragon and Amarusu (アマルス) which is Rock/Ice '' at that time I'm really excited . But i don't know japanese at that time i think maybe Rock/Ice pokemon must be a Stagosuarus . Because the plate on its back suit to be a ice plate . When the picture come out I'm almost scream it is the perfect design .It is long neck pokemon and have aurora on its head .

    Cryogonal and skrelp is also my signature pokemon . I'm currently looking forward to Ice type and water type pokemon in 7th generation .
    (21 sep 2014)

    p.s. I make this comment because today i reach 100 post in pokebeach forum . After register and being a member of this forum since year 2006 . Time is surely fly so fast :D
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