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  • Yeah me too. Thankfully I thought to use the white duck tape before it got worse though. Once the casing falls off it is not long before it dies XD.:)
    I've hidden "Is there a way to take videos longer than a 10 minute block on my 3DS?" becuase it's a bit unnecessary to make it a thread all-its-own; we have a 3DS Discussion thread if you'd like to ask your 3DS questions there: http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-3ds-discussion-thread--97848 :)

    Here was your post:

    xxashxx' pid='2497436' dateline='1373943398 said:
    I was just wondering if it is possible to take videos that last more than 10 minutes? There are some things that last more than 10 minutes so I am wondering if there is a way to do this and can videos be uploaded to the computer if I save them to my SD card? Thanks XD.:)
    The only event I have is Meloetta. Sorry ash, my trading has really declined since its prime during the 4th gen. I just haven't been collecting like I used to. :(
    My laptop died the other day, so I have to navigate PB via iPod now and it can't handle the masses of text in the "quoteception" in PMs. I'll respond when I can, butI need to find another computer to use for that.
    Cool. My dex is done though XD. I am currently trying to migrate dudes to Black City. Just waiting for that is a pain XD. I finished my dex at 2:15 AM PST time Yesterday morning XD. I am using my sisters DS to do the migrating. While I am waiting I have been transferring data from White and migrating from 4th gen. It only took 22 days to do the dex this time. VSS 7 weeks for White XD.:)
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