I began playing Pokemon Blue Version with some classmates in the fifth grade, back in 1998. After several months of playing both Blue and Red Versions and watching the first season of the Pokemon TV show, I began playing the Pokemon TCG with a Haymaker deck. After competing in the World Championships in August of 2002, I took a nine year hiatus from the game in order to focus on school and take up other interests. In 2011, my then-girlfriend (now my wife) convinced me to take up the Pokemon Trading Card Game once again. I has been playing competitively since the 2012 State Championships.

After rejoining the competitive Pokemon TCG scene in 2012, I stumbled upon a website called PokeBeach, which I began visiting on a very frequent basis in order to keep updated on all of the latest Pokemon news and merchandise.

My other Pokemon interests include collecting both my own and my wife Mari's favorite Pokemon (cards, plushes, figures and so forth). I currently owns a copy of every English Lugia card ever released, while Mari owns a copy of each English Arcanine and Rayquaza card released. Mari and I also have a large collection of Pokemon merchanise in general, and we own all of the core Pokemon video games.

My interests outside of Pokemon include music, concert-going, and professional sports. My favorite musical artists are In This Moment and Halestorm, each of whom I've seen live three times and also met in person, and whose members I communicate with semi-regularly via social media. I am also a huge fan of the Indianapolis Colts football team, watching them every Sunday during football season and also sporting my Andrew Luck jersey on gameday, especially during Pokemon tournaments.

Mari and I were married on September 14, 2014, and Mari gave birth to our first child, Axel Lee, on May 15, 2015. We currently reside in Columbus.
Nov 11, 1987 (Age: 36)
Pokemon, music, concert-going, NFL football, video games, digital art, poetry, Batman, Harry Potter
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2015 TCG Worlds Competitor, 2014-15 Fort Wayne Regional Semi-Finalist
Certified Heretic
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