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  • Hey Steve. I hope we bump into you in Athens this weekend. My son has become a regular viewer of your videos and, for better or worse, Heretic is now a household word!

    Update: He finished 2nd in Jr's at Florida State with your YZG deck (small mod to include Seismitoad, the benefits of which remain undetermined).
    Start a convo with me, I have a new, evil, evil deck I want to battle you with online. BTW this is the fanboy that battled you on PTCGO that one time.
    Hi Steve. Just wanted to share our interest in your videos and posts. After my son did reasonably well in Juniors at Florida Regionals (14th) with a dad deck, I started doing more research and came across your updated YZG deck list on YouTube, which led me here. Now we're giving the (slightly modified) YZG deck a go at Florida State next weekend!

    Cheers! #TeamAustinPoke (aka Mr. Austin's Dad)
    Hey Steve, we met the other week at a small local tourney. I was playing raichu/bats and you were playing nightmarish/vespi. I wanted to chat about your new trev break list but it won't let me PM you? If you'd care to chat about it, feel free to message me.
    Hey Steve! Just want to know, in your night march/vespiquen deck that you used in cities (standard), do you often get a OHKO on an EX at the early parts of the game (via night marcher)? I can't seem to get a T1 180 using night march. Most of the time hitting for 120-160.
    Thanks in advance! :)
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