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    More ‘Pokemon GO’ Cards: Melmetal VMAX, Legendary Birds, Ditto Peeling Mechanic, and More!

    There is only Hatterene left to have a Vmax? Technically the another apple (Dont remember the name) too but its the exact same thing, so wouldnt be surprising if they just ignore it
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    35+ “Astral Radiance” Cards Revealed!

    Dindt know Fusion Strike had 1 card more
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    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Set Featuring Hisuian Zoroark Revealed!

    Its a monster, also can completelly heal one time without mayor drawbacks, also no weakness, with the -30 damage galarian tool and -20 from Gardevoir the thing has 400 hp basically, water atack cost that can be covered with Melony and Crystal Cave to cure 30 every turn, I gonna hate face this...
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    Orbeetle from ‘Space Juggler’!

    Orbeetle is trully unique, all the current cards it have are unique on some way, cheap evolutions, control oponent decks, add energys to your opponents and damage all opponent Pokemon, thats quite interesting, I really would like to have a new one to see which new abilitie they give it, another...
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    All Regis Featured in S10!

    I love them, this is what I have being wishing the regis to be since the beggining
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    Updates on Upcoming Japanese Releases: Hisuian Zoroark, Gallade, VMAX Pokemon, and More!

    If they are giving some extra VMAX than expected, can Machamp, Hatterene and Melmetal got their Gigantamaxs finally?
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    “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” Announced! Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly!

    Maybe will end looking snakish at the end even being a Crocodile, just like how Fenekin is not really a dog but its fits the spot, dont blame them for take a decision like that, there is no much to work with a straight snake, the most interesting concept was Serperior maybe but it was obvious...
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Prerelease Promos Listed!

    Is that Cincinno for dark types? Any reason to use it over the original? Looks like only Eternatus could benefit from it
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    ‘Paradigm Trigger’ Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    Now that the focus will be Sinnoh/Hisui and there a considerable amount of new forms which will have priority, yet we still missing stuff from SwSh like VMax: Hatterene, Machamp, Melmetal and one apple which dont remmember the name Single prize: Eternatus and Shadow/Ice Riders V: Regidrago...
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    Infernape V, Riley, and Next Batch of Gym Promos Revealed!

    So Riley is essentially Hop but allowing your opponent to being able to disrupt you, sounds good... I wish a card like that but agaisnt your opponent, like your opponent draw 3, you look at his entire hand and discard 2 (?)
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    All 100 ‘Star Birth’ Cards Revealed! (Secret Rares Next Week)

    Finally Mew is back but its still so vulnerable to Inteleon snipes which is a shame especially with stuff like Medicham being there with Urshifu being one of the most painful bench hitters right now Roseaness backup is incredible, finally a way to get back special energys, stadiums, tools and...
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    Magmar, Magmortar, Electabuzz, and Electivire from ‘Star Birth’!

    If I remember correctly, Boltund hit 130 for 1 energy just having counters on it, Yamper also have a relative good abilitie for setup, needing the counter in a different stage 1 its easily twice the effort and its make even less damage, for all the effort you need to put on it, it should be able...
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    Tornadus, Floatzel, and Buizel Revealed from ‘Star Birth!’

    Where? I cant find any recent attack that put 2 items in your hand for one energy and dont relie on flip coins, not in standard at least, not even in SnM era, what do you mean with recently?
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    Tornadus, Floatzel, and Buizel Revealed from ‘Star Birth!’

    Floatzel looks dangerous, access to around 14 hammers per game, assuming they only survive one turn but playing stuff like boss and galar mine shouldnt be hard to make some survive more than one turn, which just mean even more hammers, I like it, there was a Greedent I believe that was able to...