Water Pokémon Master
Jan 2, 2006
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Oct 3, 1988 (Age: 31)

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Water Pokémon Master

I like Pokemon more than you. :D, 31

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    1. flygon222
      Donde Estas
    2. flygon222
      'Forum Jail'
    3. KrdaxDrkrun
      Hydreigon is stated to evolve from Dihead in the scans, when it actually evolves from Zweilous (as I am sure that you are aware...)
    4. DNA
      Duosion's Rollout attack is listed as 10 damage instead of 20.
      Amoonguss is listed as the Basic and Foongus as the Stage 1; it's actually the other way around.

      just wanted to let you know in case you didn't see the topic yet (or maybe you did). Oh, and best wishes to you in grad school!
    5. flygon222
      Hey WPM, you rock :D
    6. Red Striker
      Red Striker
      I was wondering about the RMT Archive.Is it something you're setting up right now,since it just sits there with nothing in it.I'm curious.

      Thanks ahead of time.
    7. Vortex
      I've been wondering what's happened concerning Archived Threads for the Game Corner. As a Game Corner regular, I couldn't help but notice that the once-saved old games have been deleted. I wondered if you keep a copy, and what you do with new threads that get locked in the Game Corner?
      Reason being that many a time I've participated throughout a thread, and it will be more beneficial, especially with RPGs, to keep a reference.
      Thanks in advance for your time!
    8. MrGatr
      5,000+ posts,
      How do you do it...
    9. Fragile Memories
    10. flygon222
      Editing the comment #13681 made by flygon222
    11. eu preciso desesperadamente redeem codes para pokemon tcg online
    12. 847418742
      [b]Water Pokémon Master[/b], Yes, in our gallery. because I can't find the image of English cards in any other website, even www.pokemon.com.
    13. 847418742
      I come from a China Pokémon Wiki, and I want to ask a question : Can I put these image on our Wiki if I tag that the image is from Pokébeach? (Sorry for my poor English and sorry for my trouble...)
    14. Afro-G
      [b]Water Pokémon Master[/b], Heh heh, oh... is that the thing you wanted...? I thought it was something different... o.o Well uhhhh, I think I can get that to you just ummmm, I'll need to send it to you. So yeah, I need your address, yeah yeah, I need to know where you live... =]
    15. Afro-G
      Hey, Water Pokemon Master. If you reply to this profile comment, I'll give you that thing that you've always wanted. :3
    16. Hi. I got a warning for advertising... I just want to know where I did this... I apologize.
    17. Zero
      I'll certainly be here. The opening ceremony was pretty good. It was quick, simple, and to the point. They had "welcome" in all of the languages, and a short video in the style they normally do. Then they had a band play with the Monsters sound designer, Gamefreak sound designer, another guy, and "Mystery Woman M". They called it MTM and Mystery Woman M. >.< She did karate-like dance moves... if that means anything >.< It was a decent opening ceremony.
    18. Zero
      Good seeing you again. Keep the site running strong. Please keep in touch... I should have an article coming soon... a brief history of time with Zero :)
    19. Delta
      Never knew you had sense of humour, at least that's what everyone says. Glad you didn't close down the forums yo! *Puts on shades and rides off on a motorcycle*
    20. Grizz
      Hello. :D
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