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May 24, 2019
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Aug 18, 1997 (Age: 23)

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*ponders everything*, Male, 23, from Texas


Outlet is almost finished! I am looking for beta readers now. It's been a long three years since I started, goodness. Jun 17, 2017

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May 24, 2019
    1. AlexanderTheAwesome
      [b]Uralya[/b], wow a sub-17 freshman. Very impressive
      I take it you are a junior? Or a young senior?

      It's funny, our #2 guy is from Texas. Those conditions must make the best runners XD
      Is running something you want to do in college? Or is it more of a hobby
    2. AlexanderTheAwesome
      Right now I'm a sophomore
      Last week we had the biggest meet in Ohio and I PRd at 17:19
      My freshman track mile and 800m were 4:41 and 2:06
      My favorite race is the 1600, but I'm pretty sure my time improved since my last 1600 race was well over 6 months ago and I just recently ran a fun run at 4:51.
      I worked really hard all track season, and I was 8th on the team freshman year and surpassed all the seniors ahead of me (4 of the people ahead of me graduated), to claim #1 on the XC team by 8 seconds.

      Sadly though, I don't think we will conference championships. We have a really solid top 3 runners, but then our 4 and 5 guy just kinda go off the deep end. Our coach is pretty disappointed since were 5 in a row Champions :/
      Now I'm basically running for myself (which I hate cuz I really care about the team), but at this point it's a most cause.
    3. AlexanderTheAwesome
      I also run cross country and track!

      Lol I read your post, but I didn't know how to respond so I left you a PC :P
    4. DdogTheKing
      [b]Uralya[/b], It's gonna be a thing for a while. I just love the models.
    5. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]Uralya[/b], haha
    6. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]Uralya[/b], I would, but my avatar is way too sexy to let go.
    7. Ice Arceus
    8. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      Shiny Arceus.
      Don't tell me you miss being AoH. You're a liar.
    9. DdogTheKing
      Nice and shiny Arceus.
    10. Mora
      [b]Uralya[/b], Thanks!
    11. Mora
      [b]Uralya[/b], I wish! I couldn't find one though :(
    12. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      Thank you!! I 'shopped it myself :D Custom avis ftw
    13. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Uralya[/b], I don't recognize the traps at line 4, positions 1-3 and 4-5.
      Damn, the deck looks nice. And it's not gears, sweet little people, fairies or any other thing like that. Cards are generally cheap too, except Deneb... if I can find him somehow, I'm covered. Gonna be tough though.
    14. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Uralya[/b], Could you give me an idea of how Sattelars play? And maybe a skeleton?
    15. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      [b]Uralya[/b], Satellars as in Satellaknights?
    16. Chaos Jackal
      Chaos Jackal
      YGO question... can Mecha Phantom Beasts function at all in the current meta?
    17. DdogTheKing
      [b]Uralya[/b], Thanks. :] I do hope I can fit in as well.

      I usually have quite alot of free time if I am not playing games, beta testing sets, or at my job which I oh so hate. Yeah, I graduated in '12. I am considering on going to college so I can learn programming / web design or game design. I'm stuck on which to take cause I have equal interests of them both. I also plan on reviving my YT Channel and get into battling on YT again. It was something I loved to do as a fun hobby. And I also wanna grow from it.
    18. DdogTheKing
      [b]Uralya[/b], I'm trying to adjust to the vast amount of members here. I'm used to forums like this just not ones with over 10,000 members [Active & otherwise.] I like it so far compared to the forum I just was at we were about 1,000 in I wanna say. But, as of late it's been dying, and has been filled with drama. That's where I was posting my movesets, and guides. I still do cause nobody else does I mean it's saddening now that the competitive base there is super dead. I even tried to start a Academy to teach the basics of the metagame there but after I saw that there was no results in comments.. I just stopped posting. Thus, broguht me to Googling forums and I joined here. :] Thanks btw. I'm hoping to contribute more and more there. And if my project gets picked up it would make me happy.
    19. DdogTheKing
      Hello there.
    20. Athena
      I didn't even notice! I probably spent my 3000th post on something dumb, too.
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    Aug 18, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Video Games
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    TCG 2002-2012
    2x OK State Champion, couple Top 4s
    1x SW Regional Top 4 (2008), 1x Regional Top 8 (2007)
    4x Nationals Top Cut (2008 undefeated, 2009, 2010, 2011)
    2x Worlds Top Cut (2006, 2008)
    Many Cities and BRs wins around NE Texas and Oklahoma
    3rd US/4th World JR Rankings 2008

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    1x MS State Champion (2012)
    1x TX State Champion (2006)
    2010 Nationals 5-2
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    2011 Nationals 5-3
    Have played IRL against Cybertron, Alakapimp and lucariojr (Smogon)
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    Track and cross country runner (52.87 outdoors/49.90 indoors 400m, 1:56.12 outdoors/1:54.12 indoors 800m, 4:22.05 outdoors/4:31.70 indoors 1600m, 9:34.80 outdoors/10:38.8 indoors 3200m, 16:13.90 3-Mile, 16:28.25 5K)
    English-Philosophy major
    YuGiOh player, 2014 NAWCQ competitor (Mermail)
    Writer, philosopher
    Video gamer (Pokémon, SSBM, SSB4)
    Former top-ranked Pokémon TCG player
    Former head of the Competitive VG Staff
    Fast rapper

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    A few things about me and my personality:
    -INTP 5w4 (that tells a lot)
    -Liberal arts-oriented interests
    -Classical liberal


    Former Competitive VG Head
    Outlet (MTS story)
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