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    Welcome to the Brand New PokéBeach! Come On In!

    Wow, the new Pokébeach is looking fresh. I remember back when the website first opened in '06, huge changes, and congratulations on completion
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    General Your Opinion on Tattoos?

    Tattoos are starting to become more acceptable in workplaces so I guess the stereotypes are fading. Personally I feel like the thought of getting a tattoo is a big decision, after all you are marking your body with permanent ink. I can't think of anything significantly meaningful to put on my...
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    Pokemon Favorite Pokemon Game of All Time

    RE: What is your favorite Pokémon Game of All Time? Why? I really loved the third generation and the Hoenn region in general. I hope there's a remake for the 3DS. For some reason I really liked Shadows of Almia too, had a different take on playing pokemon.
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    Professor Layton Thread

    RE: Professor Layton Thread. The music in these games is sublime. Best elevator music I've ever heard. But really it is very nice, the game is also friendly and easy to get addicted to. I found myself playing the "tea time" mini game for hours in The Diabolical Box
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, My username is tweety210 and I completely forgot how I came up with it, then again that was almost 8 years ago. I'm currently a university student doing a degree specializing in human biology and maybe decide to do a major in physics. Basically I'm a stereotypical nerd that plays Pokémon...
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    Where Do You Think You Will Be in 30 Years?

    RE: Where do you think you will be in thirty years? If all goes well, I'll be doing medicine....or theoretical physics. But 30 years, my kids will probably be at the age I am now
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    XY The Two Legendary Pokémon

    RE: The Two Legendary Pokemon I really think the legendaries are representing genetics and evolution. The X and Y representing the X and Y chromosomes that are involved with genetics, also the elks antlers reminds me of Darwin's tree of evolution. When the eagle like legendary is about to swoop...
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    Art Gallery Avatars and Art v.2. [Xerneas and Yveltal Avatars Added in Latest Post]

    RE: Avatars and Art v.2. Read the rules. Pidove v.2 added. I have been on this website for a long time now, your art never fails to impress me, keep it up!
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    (2) 'Victini and Zekrom' To Play on Cartoon Network in February, New Forme for Kyurem Officially Hin

    I guess the introduction to the new "formes" are getting repeptitive, by the looks of the scan it seems that Kyurem will get a new a forme and possibly a new item in order for it to change, this could also mean that theres more to the Giant Chasm (where it's found). I have a feeling the it's new...
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    PokéBeach Thread of ... Breakdancing!!!

    Oh that's awesome. I actually only pop and wave and sometimes tut too. But I'm not a Bboy! I can do some windmills though.
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    PokéBeach Thread of ... Breakdancing!!!

    I just had an idea to create this thread so, sure why not. Any way feel free to post about all things break dancing or dancing general. As with me I break dance when I have time with my friends, small crews etc. I think it's pretty fun... If this thread slowly becomes useless moderators...
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    (1) New 'Best Wishes' Preview: New Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, New Character [8/19]

    This is one big revamp from the anime. I like the concept though. Ash isn't going to be 10 forever.
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    The Clothes Thread

    I like formal wear alot, so I usually shop at Lacoste or Ralph Lauren. . . but it's tough breakdancing in a suit.
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    (1) 'Black' and 'White' Video Footage: Intro, Starter Battles, Pokemon Battles [7/23]

    I'm really impressed with these videos. Pokémon is evolving as a series and the more it grows the more we get to enjoy it. (Someone should make montage of the pokémon timeline..)