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  • TheBugManiac, My statement about nobody running it just means after a card has been integrated into the meta, it is difficult for a single person to prove that particular card inferior to another strategy or card. Of course I do not think every key running it is reason enough to run a card, but at the same time, I do not think it's appropriate to try and say another strategy or card is better than another. It's like saying Junk Arm < more of the same item, not only is it complete bogus (similar to the statement you put in original context, and even after clarification it didn't make much sense), but Junk Arm is already such a meta game card that for anyone to try and say its inferior to x after its been in the format for so log is just stupid. SOMEONE would have already done that when Junk Arm debuted, if the logic is correct.
    Like I said, if Random Receiver had no advantage over more supporters, nobody would run it.
    Who are you? I go to the Writing Corner and then see you write exactly what I wanted to say.
    hoi hoeveelste ben je geëindigd bij het nk

    ik ben 28ste van de 43 senoiren geworden met zoroark/weavile/houndoom
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