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    Pokemon Your First or Favorite Shiny Pokemon

    I don't remember what my first shiny was, but my favourites have to be Ho-Oh and Arbok.
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    Pokemon Shiny Pokemon You Like or Would Change!

    I just LOVE golden ones like Arbok and I am in love with shiny Ho-Oh. It just looks amazing! I didn't like how they treated pokemon like Meowth and Persian and many others that had this lame almost same and even worse than original colouring.
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    Alolan Forms, New Pokemon, Island Challenges, and Z-Moves in 'Sun' and 'Moon'!

    Exactly what I was thinking! But we can't be sure just yet. Maybe they want to introduce these first. I think Megas are here to stay. At least I hope :P
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    News Mythical Pokemon Collections

    I don't even like Arceus that much...but this looks awesome.
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    Pokemon Opinion on Giving Nicknames to your Pokémon

    Hardly do I nickname any of them actually. Only if the pokemon has a bad name or if I find one that fits totally to them. I remember breeding a charmander for Mega Charizard X (Because I don't like any other form of the Charmander family, but I really like Mega X) and naming her Azula. Azula is...
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    Your favourite TCG card art?

    Choose only 1. Any edition ever made. Here's mine:
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    Was BW the Worst Season?

    By far the worst of them all! Stupid characters, stupid plot, boring episodes, bad designs. The only season I was dissapointed with, I tried to watch it but I couldn't it. The movies were also really bad. The only thing that could fix this season is the two episode special "Team Rocket vs Team...
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    What is the Your Most Common Choice of Starter Types?

    Gen 1: Alaways Bulbasaur (my all time favourite starter) GRASS Gen 2: Chicorita and maybe Cyndaquil GRASS Gen 3: Torchic and maybe Treeco FIRE Gen 4: Piplup or maybe Turtwig WATER Gen 5: Snivy GRASS Gen 6: Fennekin FIRE Gen 7: Either Rowlet or Litten (SERIOSULY IT'S WAY TOO HARD TO CHOOSE, FOR...
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    Pokemon What's Your LEAST Favorite Pokémon and Why?

    Must be Garchomp! I was soooooooooooooooooooooo sick of him being in every competitive team and everywhere in the battle spot! (I was also thinking about Chesnaught as he looks awful in a way I can't explain but ok...)
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    Rowlet, Litten, Popplio from the Alola Region!

    Rowler and Litter both look awesome! But which one!? Oh My God! No Chibis overworld anymore! No stupid circles under pokemon in battles while in Grass and so many other things just in one trailer! The game looks more real than ever! It's actually happening!
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    Pokemon Designer of the PTCG Set Logos (and More) Passes Away

    42? From what did he pass away? Oh...Car accident. I'm even more sorry for his poor parents. It's a real tragedy to lose your kid. At least that's what I've heard.
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    Studying for 2-3 more years so I can go to the University of Athens to study Ancient and New...

    Studying for 2-3 more years so I can go to the University of Athens to study Ancient and New Greek Philology.
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    What Legendaries Do You Want to See in Sun & Moon?

    I believe the two versions will involve Volcanion (sun) and this new pokemon Magearna (moon) since they'll both star in the next movie together.