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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    Guys, please help me out :( I need more data for the survey
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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    I have uploaded a google form. Please do me a fouvr by filling it in! Your opinions would mean a lot to me,
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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    It is always cool to hear from you guys' positive reply! This bails me out haha Do you guys know the difference between the community of Pokemon and other games? My research would be so much more convincing if I can tell the differences :)
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    Chinese Pokémon Cards?

    There were legit Chinese Pokemon Cards for the first few sets. But they have given up printing them now.
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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    Thank you very much! The community in the US for Pokemon TCG has always been one we Hong Kong players envy of. Therefore, I would be very happy to know more about the characteristics of the community which make you guys stay in this game :D
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    [Help Needed]Research on the Pokemon Community in the US

    Dear Pokebeach, This is Timothy from Hong Kong, a PTCG player. I am currently working on an essay on the Reasons for the Popularity of Pokemon TCG in the United States. After going to worlds last year, I have heard from players saying that they play Pokemon Cards because of the Community and...
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    Zekrom/Eelecktrik Tech Terrakion

    I prefer switch as you run no DCE for Eelektrik to retreat and you don't want to get stuck with a Terrakion active in most cases
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    1st place battle roads report!!!!

    RE: 1st place battle roads report!! may i know your energy line? :DDD i would definitely like to throw in terrakions in my zekeel without losing much consistency :)
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    Rappin' - 1st Place BRs

    RE: 1st Place BRs cool and congratz!!! may i know your energy count in your deck? i would like to add terrakion in my zekeel deck as well, yet it really hurts my consistency
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    Zekeel against Darkrai

    celebi, how many DCE do you run in your zekeel deck?
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    Zekeel against Darkrai

    I have playtested several times against Darkrai and kind of verified the need of Terrakion in Zekeel to withstand Darkrai. But then, if you are facing off a mirror or even a well-built CMT, you would most probably lose due to the lack of consistency. (I played 2 Terrakion, 1 Energy Search, 4...
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    Zekeel against Darkrai

    thx guys for the ideas!!!! now here is my pokemon line 3 Zekrom 1 Zekrom ex 1 Thundurus (not 2 because i am not guaranteed to get a thundurus start with 2 either way) 1 Smeargle 2 Mewtwo ex 1 Tornadus ex 4-3 Eelectrik (all 40 hp) 2 skyarrow bridge 1 switch 2 eviolite (cant find room for the...
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    Zekeel against Darkrai

    Hey guys~ I am currently playing Zekeel and found myself having no chance against Darkrai ex. Can anyone suggest me any way out except Terrakion? this is because consistency is highly concerned as well. My techs: 1 Bouffalant 1 Tornadus ex 2 Mewtwo ex 1 Tyrogue 1 Zekrom ex no Thundurus
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    Tornadus ex vs Tornadus in ZekEels.

    i have the same question as you do as well. but what i am thinking is that when Zekeel face up Zoroark, Tornadus ex's 100 damage attack can come in handy :D
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    Darkrai vs MTC

    i don't understand Virizion. He does nothing at all. Regigigas is a better choice and it helps you out with the Zekeel matchup as well