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    “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” Announced! Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly!

    The starters don't interest me, right off the bat. But, they have potential. I'm probably learning towards Violet right now and picking the cat. And will probably just get the other version for Christmas like I usually do. Game Freak, if you're listening. Please don't make the cat become...
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    New Layout and Forums Launched, Hacking Updates, and Some Help Needed!

    I, like everyone else, is so glad that the forums are back, and the new layout will take some getting used to. But, it looks really good from what I've seen so far. Just going to take some getting used to, is all.
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    News Special Card Frames Releasing in Japan!

    I think this is a cool idea. That this'll take off when they decide to release it worldwide; I don't see why they wouldn't, or shouldn't. I know they're showing newer cards from the Sword and Shield era, but there's nothing that saying to me that you couldn't put an older card into the frame...
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    PokeBeach's Spirit Animal is actually a Moltres.

    PokeBeach's Spirit Animal is actually a Moltres.
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    'New Pokemon Snap' Releasing April 30th, New Trailer!

    The game looks really awesome. Bright, colorful, and should stand on it's own. Now, I'm still mulling over the decision to get a pre-order. I'm always looking for new games to play on my Switch, and being someone who enjoyed the OG Snap on the N64; there should be no doubt that I'll enjoy this...
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    Leftover 'Sun & Moon' Full Arts Releasing in English!

    ngl, that Erika FA is actually really pretty. Also, I really like the FA Sightseer/Tourist.
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    Discussion Returning to HGSS- Things I Didn't Notice

    About point 3, that was the case in the originals. The only Dark type you can get before Kanto (legitimately, without trading/breeding) is Umbreon. Larvitar makes sense in Mt. Silver, considering what it evolves into. Also, Whitney was never hair-pullingly frustrating, or the stuff of...
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    Discussion What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I've been wanting to restart my Black 2 file but I keep procrastinating on it. I want to save a few Pokemon (my in game team and a Salamence from my long lost copy of Emerald) before I wipe the file. I've been bouncing around Sword, knocking out raids and stuff, but nothing too exciting.
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    G-Max Moves, Kubfu Details, Early-Purchase Bonus Revealed for Sword & Shield Expansion Passes!

    Probably. All you'd need to do would show your starter, and they might make it able to Gigantamax. But, probably the three Galar starters Gigantamax forms will have a special in-game event, like they're doing currently with Pokemon like Gengar and Charizard.
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    G-Max Moves, Kubfu Details, Early-Purchase Bonus Revealed for Sword & Shield Expansion Passes!

    I'm not sure how to feel about this. It's new content, which is certainly welcome; but at the same time, it's content that I feel should've been in the games to begin with. I'll probably only get the Expansion Pass for Sword, as that's my main Gen VIII or Galar game. Buying the passes again for...
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    Games What have you played while being stuck indoors

    I've been playing the two games on my phone; Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Although, those two games have been part of my routine for months. I can still go out and play Pokémon GO, if I wanted to as I'm not in complete lockdown right now. I ordered a copy of Animal...
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    Discussion Best Pokemon game of all time to replay

    I don't really like restarting my games, but if I would; I would say HGSS. They're probably the best Pokémon games ever made, remakes that went above and beyond the expectations and were visually stunning and musically impressive for the plucky DS hardware. Plus, I love Johto as a region; I...
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    'Pokemon HOME' to Launch with Free and Premium Features, GTS, IV Checking

    It would be like Bank. They would just be locked behind the paywall until you re-upped your subscription. It's a once-a-year 16 dollar payment. I don't think it's $16.00 per month, per year. If that's the case (which I doubt), we'd have a problem here.
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    Sword & Shield Expansion Packs Announced: New and Returning Pokemon!

    I don't know how to feel about this; it's new content, yes. But, it's content that feels like it should've unlocked in the post game after beating Leon. And, on the other hand, I feel like Game Freak has opened Pandora's Box with DLC. And, that this is going to be how the games are going to run...
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    Next Pokemon Anime Series Titled 'Pocket Monsters,' Features All Regions

    Oh, I know that; this isn't going to stop anybody from shipping. Go's character design is very androgynous; perhaps indicating there was a possible change in direction (again; a possible change in genders).