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  • Sweet Dawn Berlitz, Oh silly billy...I have like 4 people that want to be my Litwick :p. We will see who gets the pokemon...the real question is...who will be my Reshiram O_O
    Sweet Dawn Berlitz, Huh....I have no clue...what you are talking about. Obviously I have something planned for Rainbow, AJ, Pinkie, AND Fluttershy...not just those 3....
    Now that, folks, is truly magical friendship. :3

    But anyway, I'd love to. PM me what you have so far, I guess.
    Sweet Dawn Berlitz, Decmaster wanted to co host. He can have some ideas. I would say start it when it's absolutely ready...maybe about 10 challenges. Should be lengthy...about 2-4 months worth of stuff :p...alright that is a little long but it shouldn't be a quick game.
    Sweet Dawn Berlitz, Well if you want to be a GM you would be posting the challenges and keeping everyone in line :p No characters :p. I just need challenges but I can't think of any...
    So...we'd bunch every interested RP'er into a group based on what kind of pony they are?

    Okay...sounds good.
    Sweet Dawn Berlitz, Well I had a whole plot to it. The annual running of the leaves just finished. The main 6 tried as hard as they could to finish first and...ended in a tie. This caused a major dispute, they all fought for who was first. Finally Celestia came to end the argument, she issued an Iron Pony Challenge. The players would then separate into Pony types, Pegasus, Unicorn, Earth, and then they would go through challenges we make to find out who is the true...IRON PONY. :D The main 6 would be team captains. RD and FS captains, Rarity and TS captains, Pinkie and AJ captains. Just kind of a rough sketch of my idea.
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