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    Pokemon TCG Officially Launching in China, Massive New Market!

    Removing those words from video games aims to prevent potential bad influence to children. It's reasonable policy, although not satisfying all fans of certain game.
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    Standard PyraMAD! (Whiscash/Runerigus)

    Quite appreciate your idea about the deck. Now we're getting a better Earthquake user than Whiscash, namely Donphan from s4 "Shocking Volt Tackle": Phanpy – Fighting – HP70 Basic Pokemon [F] Stampede: 10 damage. [F][C] Return Attack: 30x damage. This attack does 30 damage times the number of...
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    Alt. Format Pollution Bad (Galarian Cursola V)

    I'll consider adding some energy removal, namely Hammers and Team Yell Grunts, in order to force the opponent to attach energies continuously. Cut the amount of energy cards and Canned Goods to make room for that.
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    Standard Overlord (Falinks/Falinks-V)

    You don't need Diancie Prism Star here. If you have a Falinks card instead of that on your beach, your active Falinks can do 10 more damage.There's too much Fighting energy.If you need two turns to fuel up a single Falinks, you just lose to every deck in the format. I'll include Rosa and...
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    Standard Honchkrow-GX Using the New Obstagoon

    I'm afraid it's not good idea. When playing Honchkrow decks, you'd like to use Unfair GX asap. In order to limit your opponent's hand to 4, using Marnie is much easier than a Zigzagoon-Candy-Obstagoon combo.
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    Standard Lapras / Frosmoth

    You're right about Keldeo.I actually haven't pulled any Boss's Order in PTCGO so almost forgot that point.
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    Standard Lapras / Frosmoth

    Silvally-GX seems clunky here since you've already got 2 envolution chains.You can replace them by Dedenne-GX to save some space.From my experience on Frosmoth/Lapras VMAX deck,3 Snom+4 Level Ball is not enough to consistently get Snom and Lapras V in your first turn.Also with Boss's Order and...
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    Alt. Format (SM3 Expanded) Vikavolt V [VikaV]

    Glad there's another big basic Pokemon with Quaking Punch attack.In my oppinion,the deck need to be fast to get consistent T2 Paralyzing Bolt.I would make the following changes to your list. -3 Lightning Energy ——7+4 energy is too much since your only energy accleration is Koko-ps.Cut some to...
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    Charizard V/VMAX and Grimmsnarl V/VMAX Revealed!

    Can anybody tell what do they mean by "Energy beyond the second doesn’t count." on Grimmsnarl Vmax?Does it mean its maximum damage output is 270?
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    Charizard V/VMAX and Grimmsnarl V/VMAX Revealed!

    Again a Charizard card that OHKOs itself. Seems not better than Resh&Zard.
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    Pokemon VMAX, Sword & Shield Cards, Meowth V MAX Special Collection Revealed!

    A mistake:Lapras-V is weak to lightning not metal;)
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    Discussion Best way to play Breloom?

    The amoonguss version can do more damage via poison,but also taking more space since you need some addition foongus to spam amoonguss' ability.That make it hard for the deck to take tech cards such as froslass,hoopa and venomoth.
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    Standard Sniping Breloom

    There's few deck in Standard format that make your Pokemon paralyze or asleep without knocking it out,so Escape Board is not that useful.Also you have 4 Switch to deal with Special Conditions.You don't quite need Custom Catcher because you have Venomoth to hit backrow,and that would take 4...
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    Standard Sniping Breloom

    First of all,the deck contains 61 cards.Otherwise it seems like a solid list.I'll suggest the following adjustments. Change the Escape Boards into U-Turn Boards since you don't run Jirachi.I'm not sure whether 7 switch cards is too much or just enough,maybe cut 1 U-Turn Board since you nearly...
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    Expanded Cryogonal Item Lock/Poison

    Thanks for the advice! I agree with the Dragalge change.Preventing retreat is way better than disturbing retreat.I'll try Prism Energy+Buzzwole,and since most of my energies will be special energy,Rescue Stretcher is better choice than Rod. For the consistency part,I think 4...